Translation of civil servant in Spanish:

civil servant

funcionario (del Estado), n.


  • 1

    funcionario (del Estado) masculine
    funcionaria (del Estado) feminine
    • The reform of civil service pensions put civil servants at the centre of the political stage recently.
    • To do the latter is a blot on any civil servant and any organisation that civil servants work for.
    • Members should remember that this email is to a senior civil servant of this Government.
    • Activists should ensure that all the big civil servant offices locally are leafleted.
    • An essential part of the policy-making role of senior civil servants is to know a minister's mind.
    • I do not think we should leave it in the hands of an unelected civil servant to determine what goes in the summary.
    • They have acted as a block on civil servants challenging government attacks.
    • This government is devaluing civil servants and rubbing salt into the wounds.
    • I served the British government as a civil servant for over 20 years of my life.
    • Council workers walked out to join them, as did delegations of civil servants and local health workers.
    • The attacks on democracy have created uproar among rank and file civil servants.
    • Council workers, civil servants, transport workers and others also struck on Monday.
    • There is a smell of fear in the Government when all it can do is attack civil servants.
    • Who chooses the judges, army and police, or the senior civil servants who do a lot of actual policy making?
    • He said the bees had posed a danger to members of the public and civil servants and had stung him as well.
    • But its top civil servant in charge of local councils' housing finance has now let the truth slip.
    • When you look at things like the sacking of 100,000 civil servants it's unbelievable.
    • I put my hand up, because there has been a huge increase in civil servants in the health system.
    • We are coming up to a very important strike ballot among civil servants.
    • From next year civil servants and health workers are threatened with the end of their final salary schemes.