Translation of cladding in Spanish:


revestimiento, n.

Pronunciation /ˈklædɪŋ/ /ˈkladɪŋ/


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    revestimiento masculine
    • From its origins as a cheap and functional building material, steel cladding has, over the years, gradually become known for its aesthetic potential.
    • The interiors contain no drywall or plaster, and exterior cladding comprises cedar shingles and plywood.
    • Materials such as dry stone walls and non-varnished timber cladding will be used to give a natural look and feel to the building, which takes full advantage of the exceptional site.
    • Agreeing with the sale pitch, the Board ruled to allow the siding product as a substitute for the brick or masonry cladding required by the zoning code.
    • Tile cladding is also used in bathrooms and toilets.
    • Then it remained only to add the access walkways running round each level, the steel and timber balconies, the cedar cladding, and the stair tower.
    • The reintroduction of this magnificent design feature in lightweight structural steel and fiberglass cladding plays an important role in the renovation.
    • Some of the applications involved include coatings for automotive wheel trims, seat belts, fishing nets, coatings for mobile telephones, timber flooring and steel cladding.
    • He disliked the timber cladding element of the design and said the finish needed to respect the quality of the improvements to the rest of the estate.
    • The structure is timber, with spruce board cladding.
    • The price includes the timber frame, cladding, basic finishes, timber floor and straw insulation and relies on the use of recycled materials and self-built windows.
    • Even the use of stone cladding is another area where the machine-sawn masonry seldom lives up to expectations and slabs of stone can often look like concrete.
    • The six-storey, 36,000 sq ft hotel will feature contemporary stonework and cladding on the front elevation with a glass tower rising through the six floors.
    • Glass and timber cladding were chosen for economy and durability.
    • To help it blend in with its water meadow surroundings, the building has oak louvre cladding, flat roofed areas covered in turf and a main roof of a modern stainless steel that will look like lead.
    • However, it will be another six months or so before brick and stone cladding of the concrete flood walls, and general landscaping works, have been completed.
    • The legal action was launched after concerns were raised about the way in which stone cladding was attached to the building.
    • The steel frame is wrapped in thin sheets of translucent polycarbonate cladding that gently diffuses light like a fragile membrane of rice paper.
    • Although the building is structurally safe, there were concerns about the way stone cladding was attached to it.
    • He has also tried bronze cladding and steel windows - expensive products that work well and last a long time.