Translation of claimant in Spanish:


solicitante, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkleɪmənt/ /ˈkleɪm(ə)nt/


  • 1

    (in lawsuit, benefit claim, etc)
    solicitante masculine, feminine
  • 2

    (to throne)
    pretendiente masculine
    pretendienta feminine
    • The claimants and the defendants produced differing translations of the clause.
    • Both the claimants and the defendants are in business for the purpose of making a profit.
    • I must do the best I can to be fair to both the claimant and the defendant on the evidence that is before me.
    • It is accepted by the claimant that the defendant has a right of way for residential purposes.
    • The judge rejected all three complaints, and the claimant then appealed to this court.
    • The defendant does not contend that the claimant elected to affirm the contract.
    • If the builders had never built the dairy of course the claimants could not have complained.
    • It was as if the claimant's complaint had been without any merit at all, as if it had been contrived.
    • The claimant's complaint is that what he is permitted by the hospital does not go far enough.
    • There was in fact no evidence of malicious attack by any third party, let alone the claimant.
    • The claimants ' solicitors will then forward a file of the submissions to my clerk.
    • All claimants claim that there was a conspiracy by the defendants to injure them by unlawful means.
    • Each case will turn on its own facts but in my view the claimants are more likely to succeed than the defendants.
    • He sold the land to the claimants and they granted him in return a rent-free life tenancy.
    • The Court of Appeal reversed the trial judge and gave judgment for the claimant.
    • The claimants were represented by prominent leading counsel and three juniors.
    • The claimants denied any breach of their obligations and sought declarations to that effect.
    • I have held against the claimants on each of the four grounds advanced before me.
    • Nor have I forgotten that little if any disclosure was made by the claimants on this topic.
    • The second condition is that the agreement causes damage to the particular claimant.