Translation of clairvoyant in Spanish:


clarividente, n.

Pronunciation /ˌklɛrˈvɔɪənt/ /klɛːˈvɔɪənt/

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    clarividente masculine, feminine


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    (powers/experiences) extrasensorial
    I'm not clairvoyant, you know! ¡no soy clarividente!
    • Samantha does in fact have completely reliable clairvoyant power, and her belief about the President did result from the operation of that power.
    • Their location was not a secret to those with clairvoyant powers.
    • Now imagine that one of these individuals knows all about the counter-evidence and is thus sceptical about the existence of clairvoyant powers.
    • She certainly claimed to have paranormal experiences, but whether she really believed she was clairvoyant or possessed psychic powers, I can't say.
    • In some cases their clairvoyant powers were employed by chiefs for advice and prophesy.
    • Moreover, he claimed that the principles of biodynamics could be understood by people of normal intelligence without using clairvoyant techniques.
    • She believes everyone has a degree of clairvoyant intuition, often dismissed as déjà vu, but that really skilled clairvoyants are able to go deeper and become completely enveloped in the spirit world.
    • In her defiant assertion, ‘it is a true thing’, Charlotte Brontë was probably thinking of two specific authorities on the subject of mesmerism and clairvoyant communication.
    • In the story, clairvoyant dreams presage a family's gruesome end.
    • And Justine isn't he only one with paranormal gifts - as Dawn reveals, she may also have some clairvoyant tendencies.
    • Certain individuals are gifted with clairvoyant dreams which they can use as means of predicting the out-come of future events.
    • I am very clairvoyant so at a touch I can either understand or feel an emotion.
    • The prophetic or clairvoyant dream is perhaps the strongest reason for believing that dreaming is a gateway to another world.
    • Ghost-finding equipment and images will be on display and she will be demonstrating her clairvoyant skills on the audience from 8pm.
    • Tickets for the clairvoyant evening are £4 in advance and and £5 on the night.
    • If so, the clairvoyant quality of these last works, their vision and authority, reflects the fate of a man who knew himself to be doomed.
    • When I give clairvoyant readings, I let the words come out as a flow, while double-checking with my gut intuition.
    • Both errors are common occurrences regarding so-called clairvoyant dreams.
    • It is interesting that clairvoyant experiences were among the least reported.
    • Thus there is a suggestion that clairvoyant imagery tends to be unrelated to ongoing thought processes and is particularly involuntary and spontaneous.