Translation of clamber in Spanish:


trepar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈklæmbər/ /ˈklambə/

Definition of trepar in Spanish

intransitive verb

  • 1

    they clambered over the wall treparon / se encaramaron al muro y saltaron
    • he clambered into the car subió al coche con dificultad
    • Each time, with undue fuss, he clambered to his feet and returned to the fray.
    • He worried and she shrugged in return, clambering to her feet.
    • I shouted back, clambering to my feet and tying my hair with the first hair band I could find.
    • I sighed, then clambered to my feet at a more sedate pace and gathered up my stuff.
    • She clambered onto her feet, tidying up the bathroom as fast as she could.
    • I ventured on to the Danube's east bank and clambered aboard a trolleybus bound for City Park.
    • With a practised flip, he righted the dinghy and held it steady while we clambered aboard.
    • She said council staff had cut back to a stump a tree that young people were known to climb on as they clambered up the cliff.
    • We finally reached the edge of the deck, where other women and children were clambering aboard the small, slightly rickety looking lifeboat.
    • Phillips, 31, remembers crawling through an exit, climbing over a fence and then clambering across a roof beam.
    • Youths were clambering over barbed wire fences, climbing through skylight windows and running amok in the dark.
    • After climbing a fire escape to the first floor, he clambered onto the roof on a set of trade ladders that had been left there.
    • She managed to struggle free from the car and the suspect clambered into the driver's seat and drove off.
    • Its two back seat occupants clambered out through the car's shattered rear window and ran off.
    • At the foot of the falls, we clambered out and up, past cascades and pools to the top.
    • The challenging assault course will see the squad scaling 12 ft high walls, balancing on beams and clambering up and over rope cargo nets.
    • She leapt to her feet and jumped up behind the man, clambering onto his shoulders, her arms reaching for the sky.
    • I travelled by foot, by hitch-hiking and by clambering onto the wagons of freight trains.
    • They moved about a three hundred feet past the deer before they clambered down again.
    • As soon as her eyes met mine she looked away, then after that we all clambered out of the car.