Translation of clammy in Spanish:


húmedo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈklæmi/ /ˈklami/

adjective clammier, clammiest

  • 1

    (handshake) húmedo
    (weather) bochornoso
    (weather) pegajoso informal
    his hand was clammy with sweat tenía la mano sudorosa
    • Wind-whipped sheets of rain and blasts of cold clammy air penetrated every layer of clothing.
    • Water dripped from a leak in the ceiling, and the air was clammy.
    • Soon the lingering sent of burning coal permeated the clammy air.
    • There was a spider on my bed last night, and the atmosphere in London was very clammy.
    • The clammy, damp air stuck to her skin.
    • The air was getting chillier now; damp and clammy, as though a storm were brewing.
    • It was a dank, clammy night, made gloomy by the intermittent drizzle that had become steadier as the light of day faded with the sunset.
    • An inexplicable, mind-numbing weariness settled over me, dank and clammy as pond-mist.
    • The air became thick and clammy; it was as if you were breathing through a straw.
    • She had fortunately chosen one of her heavier outfits as the night fog was still thick and clammy in the chilly, still morning air.
    • The air was pale and clammy, chilling them so that they all got out their thick cloaks, and huddled in them.
    • Though the sea was indeed rough, there was little rain, and the air lacked the clammy humidity of a thunderstorm.
    • Yes, it stunk of smoke and sick in there, and the air was cold and clammy, but I could ignore these minor flaws.
    • The threatening, clammy Scottish summer turned the skies grey last week.
    • The basement was dark and clammy, filled with dreadful silence and the heavy stench of pain and doom.
    • The sky bore only a few thin clouds, and the air was warming after the clammy chill of the rain.
    • The broken-down, slimy, clammy and cold basement was my refuge from them.
    • It's more of a moist, clammy heat that feels almost solid.
    • In the cold clammy caves of the Claddagh, the mould of the sea happily coexisted with the mould of the river.
    • Sweltering heat and clammy weather can at times really put you off.
    • Patients often feel cool, yet clammy or sticky to touch, and sometimes have dilated hand veins.
    • I looked up trying to hear the message, I felt a cold, clammy hand touch my cheek.
    • Her skin was cold and clammy to the touch also as Rebecca held her tiny frail limp hand.
    • My hands and armpits were damp and clammy with sweat.
    • If you wake up feeling too hot or clammily cold, and your clothing and bedding are soaked or damp and clammy, you have night sweats.
    • He broke out in a cold sweat, feeling the trickles of perspiration run down his clammy face.
    • Acute stress is characterised by increased heart and respiration rates, rising blood pressure, sweaty palms, and clammy skin.
    • Secondly, my face would frequently drain itself of colour and coat itself with a clammy sweat.
    • My skin was cold and clammy with sweat, my hands shaking slightly, and blood pounded through my head, leaving it warm and blurry.
    • You may suddenly break out into a sweat with cold, clammy skin.
    • He felt sweaty and clammy, and his feet were screaming because he still hadn't found a chance to switch his boots.
    • My forehead was all sweaty, my hands clammy, and my body was almost shaking.
    • My palms started to feel clammy as beads of sweat collected on my forehead.
    • The skin is pale, cool, clammy and moist with profuse sweating, and the pulse rate is weak.
    • Her skin felt clammy and damp, just as her hands had felt back at the school earlier that afternoon.
    • I felt myself begin to sweat and tried to control it, unwilling to force Andrew to hold a sweaty, clammy hand.
    • She flailed her arms trying to grab hold of something, but her hands were wet and clammy and slid off of everything she touched.
    • Her skin became clammy and cold to the touch, and the room began to shift and sway beneath and around her.
    • Beads of sweat dotted his forehead and his skin felt clammy.
    • Sheets from the bed clung to her clammy skin and her forehead was matted in sweat.