Translation of clamp in Spanish:


abrazadera, n.

Pronunciation /klæmp/ /klamp/


  • 1

    abrazadera feminine
    (in carpentry) tornillo de banco masculine
  • 2

    pinza feminine
    clamp masculine
  • 3

    clamp masculine
  • 4British wheel clamp

    cepo masculine

transitive verb

  • 1

    (join, fasten)
    sujetar con abrazaderas
    • To make a bolt, a smith clamped the screw plate onto a rod of cold, soft iron and turned it down the rod.
    • I clamp a steel straight edge in a vise and just draw the surface over the steel edge a few times.
    • Plan your cuts so that the direction of the wood grain parallels the long edges and clamp a straightedge to the plywood to guide your cuts.
    • Use a straight edge and clamp the boards down to make an even, straight cut.
    • She placed a motorized device onto the rope and clamped it in place.
    • At first the mirrors were just clamped onto aluminum blocks, but the linkage was a major source of vibration.
    • To cut acrylic by snapping, first lay out your cut line on the protective sheet, then hold or clamp a straightedge against the line.
    • Stabilize tools for sharpening by bracing them against a solid surface or clamping them in a vise.
    • The solution is to clamp a pair of straight-edge boards in place to serve as a saw guide.
    • Metal clamps appeared out of nowhere, clamping her ankles and wrists to the chair.
    • ‘The handle was clamped in a vice on a workbench, yet the blade started vibrating like mad,’ he said.
    • With the bike upside down, clamp the top of the seatpost into a large bench vise that is bolted to a very secure workbench.
    • Loosely clamp legs together at their centers with C clamps.
    • I use an electric drill clamped in a vice to turn my wood.
    • They were clamped in place whilst the resin cured by screwing in bolts.
    • Prisms and small mirrors also can be clamped in place on their mounts with multiple springs.
    • All tools should be clamped securely (with the blade up) in a vise before they are filed.
    • I clamp together the second corner with the vices.
    • Prisms and small mirrors also can be clamped in place on their mounts with multiple springs.
    • The umbilical cord is usually clamped and cut at this stage.
    • My hands convulsively clenched, my teeth clamped together, my nostrils flared, my lips curled, and a red mist descended in front of my eyes.
    • ‘What you mean is that you would like to stay the night’ Raven nodded, lips clamped together tight.
    • His hands clamped together between his knees, making his knuckles turn white as thoughts tumbled through his head.
    • His blade hissed, his eyes grew wide, his teeth clamped together in a hard bite that sent a tremor of ache through his jaw.
    • His teeth were so clamped together I wasn't even sure how he spoke.
    • The wings folded back as the talons clamped together to make feet.
    • I started laughing but it came out like a weird snorting, snuffling sound because my jaws were clamped together.
    • The lip gloss was so sticky you had to keep your mouth open all day, or else your lips would clamp together.
    • They feature strong serrated jaws which clamp together when the trap is sprung.
    • She sucked her lips together like the doors of a lift clamping shut.
    • Erica sat at her seat hands clamped tightly together staring at the clock.
    • I didn't say anything, just led him into the inn, my lips clamped tightly together in disapproval.
    • They question ancient rituals performed at the site - such us making a wish for prosperity by clamping two padlocks together and hurling them over the cliff - even as they reenact them.
    • Milo had his eyes screwed shut in pain, jaw clamped tight shut lest he cried out.
    • Martina blinks away tears, hardly able to catch her breath with her lips tightly clamped shut.
    • I suddenly clamped my lips shut, tried to prevent the intake of air through my nostrils.
    • Spread large rolls thinly with horseradish and thickly with mayonnaise, then pile on the beef, clamp together and eat at once - messily.
    • An uncanny silence descended on a school as pupils made a superhuman effort to clamp their lips tightly shut.
    • My jaw began to ache from how tightly I had clamped my teeth together.
    • His hands were clamped together tightly, his knuckles white.
  • 2British informal

    Motor Vehicles
    to clamp a car ponerle el cepo a un coche