Translation of clandestinely in Spanish:


clandestinamente, adv.

Pronunciation /klænˈdɛst(ə)nli/ /ˈklændəsˌtinli/ /klanˈdɛstɪnli/


  • 1

    • In general, pictorial erotica was imported clandestinely from Europe.
    • Open-market operations were introduced clandestinely in violation of the law in the 1920s.
    • The message gave us an insight into how much had been going on clandestinely during these years of occupation.
    • This elite force is uniquely capable of working with the coalition partners clandestinely.
    • In 1999, he was arrested in this country, having entered clandestinely.
    • Many left the country or worked clandestinely under assumed names.
    • Tighter immigration controls have led to more people entering and staying clandestinely or claiming asylum.
    • Is the studio clandestinely exploring the relationship between superhero fantasy and humanity's eternal quest for the divine?
    • He experimented clandestinely with composing trio sonatas, a number of which he published only in the 1720s.
    • Anonymous surveys show that doctors in most states already act to speed the deaths of their terminally ill patients, but clandestinely and without regulation.