Translation of claptrap in Spanish:


paparruchas, n.

Pronunciation /ˈklæpˌtræp/ /ˈklaptrap/


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    paparruchas feminine informal
    • The plot is a baffling array of gangster parody nonsense, sexist claptrap and kidnap chaos.
    • I wonder who Nicola thinks she's fooling with this pious claptrap.
    • The global citizen is assaulted with a cacophony of claptrap, and mumbo-jumbo has gained the upper hand.
    • And he knows how to sum up his point in a few words with no gobbledygook or claptrap!
    • The problem is not that he speaks his mind but that, when he's not talking about the on-field action, the content of his mind largely consists of sanctimonious claptrap.
    • He said: ‘If they are going to support this sort of claptrap, the outlook for local communities is very bad indeed.’
    • He has the freedom now to speak his mind on issues that affect us all, and he presents a solid case damning them, without a lot of romantic claptrap.
    • Long before he died, he wrote an essay, The Myth of Sisyphus, which in a normal mood I usually dismiss as overwrought claptrap.
    • Also, this is highly unscientific claptrap, but interesting nonetheless.
    • The whole plan is utter claptrap and wastes time.
    • How is science served by such lamentable claptrap?
    • Still less does one want to hear Marxist claptrap about colonialism.
    • To call them anything else is sentimental claptrap.
    • I cringe whenever I see his face or hear his self - righteous claptrap.
    • I couldn't believe my own father was uttering such ageist claptrap.
    • Of course, since astrology is all complete claptrap, this shouldn't concern me at all, should it?
    • Thankfully there is little chance clever agencies will start falling for this PC claptrap.
    • The reason I did not publish such stuff is that it was inconsequential claptrap.
    • The closure is accompanied by the usual claptrap about improving customer service.
    • I might not have a lot of letters after my name but I can tell you that this is claptrap.