Translation of clarity in Spanish:


claridad, n.

Pronunciation /ˈklɛrədi/ /ˈklarɪti/


  • 1

    (of thought, expression, style)
    claridad feminine
    • For the sake of clarity, pathways have been simplified.
    • This is not to say I have to like the construction; in writing-instructor mode, I can and do encourage writers to avoid it for the sake of clarity.
    • However, for the sake of clarity, let me make the following point.
    • But for the sake of clarity and brevity, I think I'll just respond to a few of his points directly
    • Let's redraft that line again for the sake of clarity.
    • For the sake of clarity, the cavities are represented as identical spheres, without taking into account their actual dimensions and shapes.
    • For the sake of clarity, it is worth pointing out that where a lead of a plain suit has been trumped by the second player to a trick and the third to play also has no cards in the suit led, then the third player must still overtrump if possible.
    • For the sake of clarity the differences between the nonbonded parameters among the three force fields are reported in Table 1.
    • Every story was different, but each found an increase in energy levels and improved mental clarity.
    • Others use mantras or chanting, which relax the nervous system and enhance mental clarity.
    • For clarity's sake: all those doping products are medicines that are being abused.
    • For clarity's sake, check your statements for implicit assumptions.
    • For clarity's sake, let's restate the positions.
    • The administration has enunciated this position with admirable clarity in its new national security strategy.
    • The letter before action set out the facts and law with admirable clarity.
    • What contributes to the quality of this work is its clarity of exposition and organization.
    • Good for thinking things through and getting clarity on confusing issues.
    • We reiterate the procedure here for the benefit of interested researchers and for clarity of presentation.
    • Could someone please shed clarity on this matter?
    • There is a certain lack of clarity in terms of the breadth of the title and what it contains.
  • 2

    (of wine, glass, gem)
    limpidez feminine
    • To maintain the water's clarity and purity, this wilderness area employs ingenious purification methods.
    • Clear minerals reflect all the colours of the spectrum and symbolize purity, clarity and wholeness.
    • However, the real goal of alchemical work is not to obtain material gold, but spiritual gold: a state of enormous power, clarity, and purity.
    • Carat is the universal measure of the diamond and clarity indicates its purity.
    • The table might also represent purity and clarity of mind since the white cloth gives the table the aspect of an altar.
    • This was a lead-based glass, comparable in its brilliance and clarity to fine rock crystal.
    • Greater numbers of bacteria can break down organic matter more quickly, improving water quality and clarity while reducing sludge and odors in record time.
    • Such purity and clarity strike us as a beautiful thing.
    • You need to look for color, transparency and clarity.
    • White represents the transcendental feeling of purity and clarity.
    • All of these variables reduce the amount of flow, which could affect water quality and clarity.
    • The purest examples of calcite, however, are transparent, with perfect crystal form and clarity.
    • The NAS report says it is unlikely that the federal plan will restore those grass beds or improve water clarity.
    • Exceptional water clarity, which is a norm for the northwest Hawaiian region, facilitated effectiveness of the underwater observations.
    • The water clarity was superb but it was still almost dark.
    • So, a gem may be clean and clear with great clarity, but there may be obscure inclusions within it.