Traducción de clean en Español:


limpio, adj.

Pronunciación /klin/ /kliːn/

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adjetivo cleaner, cleanest

  • 1

    • 1.1(not soiled)

      (face/dressing) limpio
      are your hands clean? ¿tienes las manos limpias?
      • she wiped the table clean limpió la mesa
      • the dog licked the bone clean el perro lamió el hueso hasta dejarlo limpio
      • The source print seems to have been quite clean and free of dirt and damage, resulting in likely the best transfer you'll ever see.
      • The film is surprisingly clean and free of dirt or scratches, and colors are vibrant and rich.
      • There was dirt under the usually clean fingernails.
      • Blot the stain with a clean cloth, and then pour enough club soda on the stain to saturate the fabric.
      • The water ran down her face and left a clean streak through the dirt and grime on her.
      • In this job you can choose which car is brought to your house on a Monday morning, fully insured, brimful with free petrol and spotlessly clean.
      • Make certain your barrel is clean and free of oil or dirt.
      • Be sure the bottom of the tub is clean and free of any soap residue.
      • Plastic should be reasonably clean and free of debris, such as twine and netting.
      • The town centre is so clean, free of traffic, filled with hanging baskets.
      • The architecture sometimes feels a bit stark and soulless, but it's clean and dust free.
      • And every room was spotlessly clean, without odour or any sort of smell.
      • Everyone was polite to a fault, and the place was spotlessly clean.
      • The transfer is very clean, but the cinematography is average '70s horror.
      • As an adult she kept her homes immaculately clean, tidying, changing beds and scrubbing surfaces every day.
      • The stick will come out perfectly clean if the cake is cooked.
      • Sometimes a brand new blank videotape of high quality will scrub the head chips clean.
      • Wrap the burned area with a dry, sterile dressing or a clean cloth.
      • Strain through clean, sterile muslin cloth and then drip through coffee filter paper.
      • Let it sit for 3 minutes and blot with a clean cloth or tissue.
      • When I replace the clean cutlery after washing up, there's always some already there to give me clues about where stuff lives.
      • They sat on the edge of the low shelf which served as a bench, scrubbed and washed and dressed in clean tunics.
      • But once you emerged from the darkness of the cellar with a tub of clean wash and started hanging on the line, this was for all the world to see.
      • She took out her clean uniform, washed and pressed, and packed it in her grey backpack.
      • She opened a drawer of the vanity, finding inside clean rags to wash her face with.
      • Washed and with clean clothes and a hot hotel meal inside me, I felt like a new person.
      • I thought I'd keep it on while I ate thereby saving myself some time before work - time which is usually spent putting on a clean top/blouse.
      • Upon being hired, each janitor was given one shirt to wear at work, often a used one, and was responsible for washing and keeping it clean.
      • When she came over to the bed she saw that her clothes were not only neatly folded, but they were washed and clean as well.
      • Will kicked off his boots and changed to something clean and washed his face.
      • The writer was looking refreshed in a clean blouse and slacks.
      • I rinse my hair and grab a clean towel from a nearby towel rack.
      • Fill your sink with suds, mop away then rinse with a clean towel.
      • Drain the parsley, wrap in a clean tea towel and gently squeeze dry.
      • The 18th-century mind preferred homely dirt and the occasional clean shirt to the terrors of cold water or the deep ocean.
      • He never tried to pull her hair or toss her skirt over her head or get dirt on her nice clean clothes.
      • You take the clean clothes, the soft-soled shoes and the paper with the details of the interview.

    • 1.2(of habits)

      (person/animal) limpio
      • The show promises to transport the audience to an era when humour meant good clean fun.
      • It was all good clean fun and a day many of the little people will cherish long after their Santa days.
      • It's about time we resurrect the good clean fun in computer games because I am really tired of the blood and gore of 21 st-century games.
      • It's good clean fun for the kids and well worth a rental.
      • Never has such potentially raunchy role-playing seemed like such good clean fun.
      • For good clean family fun, you just can't top it.
      • They always record a clean version or else dub it out in the mix.
      • By these means, the virtuous mother could mold an unspoiled, respectful, neat, and clean child.
      • Our girls are clean and healthy.
      • Henry was fastidiously clean by the standards of the time.
      • People are far more likely to pick up happy-looking, clean people than dirty, hidden ones.
      • One of the men, relatively clean and civilized, approached us.
      • Her view, when he started school a year ago, was that he was small for his age and not very clean.
      • They are by nature fastidiously clean and typically free from body odour and parasites.
      • And no matter how sweet and educated and clean and smart she appears, she may be at risk and not know it.

    • 1.3(not used)

      (clothes/towel) limpio
      use a clean sheet of paper usa una hoja de papel nueva
      • A wastebasket sat next to a stack of clean paper on the floor.
      • It absorbs the color from the inks it blends, but is quickly cleaned with a couple of swipes on clean paper.
      • He packs plants in cardboard boxes lined with clean paper and occasionally uses icepacks.
      • Start with a clean piece of paper there.
      • I shall start over on a clean piece of paper when I have my proper brushes but I enjoyed doing this one immensely.
      • When he wiped his hand on a clean piece of paper, the image of Africa that appeared inspired his publisher to turn the hand into a series of lithographs.
      • Shoving books onto the floor, I finally found a clean piece of paper and a sharpened pencil.
      • I took out a clean piece of paper and a black pen.
      • While I was re-writing it onto a clean piece of paper my dad came barging into my room.
      • Then he fumbled for a clean piece of paper and began his record - first a list of species, then a tally of their numbers.
      • Until then, Scandinavian pine forests will continue to supply our demands for clean white office paper.
      • It has page 108 all to itself, and all that white space around it a terrible waste, in some cultures, of clean white paper.
      • A small printer nearest her computer began to absorb some of the clean white paper.
      • When a pleasing arrangement is found, the pieces are glued in place onto a clean white paper.
      • I stared at the notebook that was opened to a clean white sheet of paper on my pillow.
      • I have a clean, beautiful piece of writing paper sitting in front of me and I intend to write only beautiful things about myself on it.
      • I grabbed it and flipped through the pages of poetry and drawings till I found a clean page.
      • The biggest thing that we do differently is that we don't start from a totally clean sheet of paper.

    • 1.4(pure, non-polluting)

      (air/water) limpio
      (air/water) puro
      (smell) a limpio
      (taste) refrescante
      clean energy energía no contaminante
      • clean fuel combustible limpio
      • Despite being labelled as a fast growing city, the average man on the street expects that the city would be clean and free from pollution.
      • Sandanski has the lowest annual rainfall in Bulgaria and its air is remarkably clean and pollution-free.
      • The water is one degree Celsius, but at least the normally polluted lake is clean enough to swim in today.
      • This mingling of polluted and clean air is particularly evident from January to April of each year during the winter monsoon.
      • It is environment friendly, modular, silent, needs no fuel, there are no emissions or pollution; it is clean.
      • It has been observed that during the rainy season, most water sources become polluted and clean water is hard to find.
      • Let us wish for a beautiful and clean earth without pollution in the future.
      • A worker who operates in a clean, safe and pollution-free atmosphere will certainly be happy.
      • In the marketplace, who would think to ask whether these fish came from a clean or a polluted river like this one?
      • Adequate quantities of relatively clean water are preferable to small amounts of high quality water.
      • Helping the weevils was the relatively clean water flowing into the dam.
      • Now fish can be found in the relatively clean water.
      • Here, we have peace and quiet, still nights, and clean air.
      • Clean air, quiet streets and the rosy climate are good for children.
      • I hit the earth with a dull thud, and for a while I just lay there, savoring the feel of real, clean dirt.
      • Wet ears were washed, first with clean water, then with disinfectant solution.
      • Keep food under hygienic conditions and thoroughly wash uncooked vegetables in clean water.
      • There is the washdown to do which basically means that every bit of kit has to be washed with clean water to stop the salt eating away at it.
      • If you do get fresh concrete on your skin, wash it off with clean water.
      • Have bowls of clean snow ready (or use a snowbank close to the house).
      • By contrast, some countries with relatively clean air, such as Scotland and New Zealand, demonstrated high rates of allergic diseases.
      • Thanks to its quiet roads, clean air and cheap housing, it is now claiming to be the fastest growing town in Europe.
      • As a non-smoker my lungs are used to relatively clean air.
      • A large, yet relatively clean city, it carried a certain benevolence that took it a step above its more unsavory neighbors.
      • The stew was spiked with still-crisp bits of green pepper and onion, and had a clean taste of fresh vegetables.
      • The tamilok, its fans swear, has a fresh clean taste that sends shivers of pleasure down one's alimentary canal.
      • This simple natural Thai soup offers fresh clean flavours that fuse the taste that is Thai cuisine.
      • Eating asparagus on the day it is picked is a truly special experience, the fresh clean flavour just sings.
      • The audio is clean and clear, conveying voices and sound effects with equal ease.
      • Sydney's top ten rate among the best in the world if your tastes are for fresh ingredients, unpretentious culinary achievement and clean tastes.
      • If only it had remixed the monaural soundtrack into something with more depth, but the audio is clean and clear in any case.
      • Their sound is clean and high energy and their performance is confident and sharp.
      • Fresh fish should have firm, springy flesh, a clear color, a moist look, and a clean smell.
      • The taster monitors first whether the wine smells fresh and clean, or whether any off-odours indicate the presence of a wine fault.
      • The clean, fresh tastes so lively and vibrant in the starters were nowhere to be had here.
      • A good lemon tart should be gently set and lightly golden with a fresh, clean, lemony taste, rather than anything overly sour and overly sweet.
      • The songs are washed in earnest clean rhythm guitar and nice, glimmering production.
      • The wash is clean, nicely acidic with a lovely limey mid-palate.
      • This elegant and lithe New Zealand Riesling is crisp and cool answer, with a wash of clean lime and light nut notes.
      • More gravel than flint, it has a clean, lime-tinged wash and a zesty finish.
      • At its best it produces light to medium-bodied, crisp dry white wines with hints of apples, honey and yeast and a refreshingly pure and clean finish.
      • The guitars plug in and the amps come to life with a clean thread of pure rock.
      • She had a clean, pure voice, only filled with oodles of emotion.
      • Her voice is pure, clean, vivid, with the flexibility and colors demanded in Verdi.

  • 2

    • 2.1(morally)

      (joke) inocente
      keep it clean: there will be children around no te pases, que habrá niños
      • clean living vida sana
      • ‘I strongly reject the implicit suggestion that their party is morally clean,’ he said.
      • It is by self discipline and clean moral life that man can unveil the divine qualities in his personality.
      • We need to be morally upright, like chaste virgins before God, pure and clean.
      • She looked so innocent, so clean that it was impossible to believe this creature evil.
      • But this must be done in sincerity, with the desire to be spiritually clean and pure.
      • And people enjoy having that emotion because it's a very clean and pure emotion.
      • The people of the island were clothed in plain linen with a few pockets, and white dresses that looked innocent and clean.
      • I have forgotten what it feels like to feel clean and innocent, and I long to feel it, I long for my salad days, I long for childhood.
      • I enjoyed communion, I told him, but I never felt like I was good enough, pure enough, clean enough to have it.
      • Our center will provide a way for them to learn the art of clean, wholesome living and social responsibility.
      • Pain and regret cannot scrub me clean, no matter how much I wish it.
      • Praise the Lord the sun has come to wash us clean.
      • Now that I'm clean as a penny whistle, what else would I do for fun?
      • Other advice: not to quarrel; to live a clean, holy life; to do good; to share with others.
      • Thirdly, the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses our consciences, so that we come before God in the happy awareness of being truly clean in his sight.
      • Absolved of our sins, we are once more made as clean as the day of our baptism.

    • 2.2(fair)

      (game/player/campaign) limpio
      • Market economics and the rule of law demand clean government.
      • We live in a clinically clean society with rules and regulations.
      • However, he still believes that corruption can be curbed by setting up a clean system and strict rules.
      • The body was set up by large sports centres and is intended to establish horse racing in Israel with an organised set of rules and a clean public image.
      • On the final whistle, in this tight and physically hard fought, but clean game, both sides had to be content with a share of the points.
      • I would also like to thank the associations for fighting a clean campaign in this constituency.
      • This game is what cup games are all about: spirit, fight, clean football and a little bit of heroism to round it all off.
      • True to the formalities of leadership races, all the candidates stated they want a clean fight.
      • Notwithstanding the fact that we are still a young democracy, the country can score more marks by politicians running clean campaigns.
      • Buyers should ensure that the registration and tax papers are in order and the status of ownership is clean.
      • Put the same young officer in a clean station, and there's a very good chance he'll turn out to be an honest cop.
      • They were clean, capable and were supported by the people.
      • Anyone who wants to enter politics must now show that they are clean and that they have concrete and detailed ideas about improving people's lives.
      • We mostly adopted trade sales to maximize revenues, and they were generally clean, despite occasional slip ups.
      • But his wife sent back the fish to avoid rumours, and she wrote advising him to be an honest and clean official.
      • This kind of mentality has led many previously clean officials to try their luck before their retirement.
      • From the start, his clean image was substantially soiled because of a real estate speculation case his elder brother was involved in.
      • He has a relatively clean image, but there are concerns about his policies toward China and whether he can find enough capable people for his cabinet.
      • There are a number of them who are pure and clean, and are keen to keep the pride of being a police officer.
      • Both parties walk away with a clean reputation and no animus toward the other.

  • 3

    (driver's license) donde no constan infracciones
    the airport has a clean safety record no se han registrado accidentes en el aeropuerto
    • the player with the cleanest disciplinary record el jugador que ha sido sancionado el menor número de veces
    • clean copy texto bien presentado
    • With a clean credit record once again, I hope you will be able to arrange a loan.
    • I really need a clean credit record because I will be moving house again shortly.
    • He had never had an accident before and had previously had a completely clean driving record.
    • They should also have a clean record with regard to offences such as murder, rape, robbery, fraud, arson and kidnapping.
    • For those who still might think I'm a serial killer or guilty of other crimes, here is the proof I have a clean record.
    • In the interview, the guy never even asked to see my driver's license, or if I had a clean record.
    • But I've heard that I should check my credit report to make sure my record is clean.
    • Edmonton offers great insurance rates for anyone who's been driving for years, has held insurance for the same amount of time, and has a clean record.
    • Despite rumors here and there, she has a clean record.
    • Let's face it, when the first day of camp is drawing near, there can be a tendency to hire anyone with a clean record that seems reasonable.
    • He was known to Dutch police but had a clean record there.
    • Legal considerations such as the fact that the culprit has a clean record should not be used as mitigating factors, she contended.
    • The key is to build a backend that is capable of transaction processing as well as maintaining a clean record on necessary compliances.
    • It takes anywhere from five to 20 months to get a pardon and one must wait three years with a clean record before applying.
    • She noted that the young man was unemployed and had a clean record.
    • Critics of the previous system also point out that in terms of escaping prisoners, the state escort service had far from a clean record.
    • All successful applicants were police-checked and have a clean record.
    • Only those with clean records must be sponsored by the recruiting agencies.
    • But he said he had taken her age and previous clean record into account and imposed the community sentence.
    • He also has a full clean driver's licence with no endorsements.
  • 4

    (well defined)
    (stroke/features) bien definido
    (stroke/features) nítido
    the clean lines of the design la pureza de líneas del diseño
    • a clean break una fractura limpia
    • This urban contemporary collection keeps things in perspective with simple forms, clean lines and subtle shapes.
    • Linen looks best in simple shapes, with clean geometric lines.
    • The clean lines and the simple shapes are compelling in their quiet beauty and grace.
    • Shapes are clean and simple, patterns bold and striking and details subtle but sharp.
    • The opening menu interface is clean with simple, well-delineated choices - go into the robot lab or go into the arena.
    • The magnificent master bedroom is elegantly curved in shape, has clean sweeping lines and luxurious en-suite facilities.
    • The pieces are simple, with clean lines and few projecting gadgets such as drawer handles.
    • He likes clean, simple lines but also creates interesting effects by using contrasting timbers such as walnut and maple.
    • That aesthetic would require clean, simple lines, and no fussiness.
    • The cabin has clean, simple lines and seems very user-friendly.
    • There's certainly nothing odd about his simple structure, with its clean lines and elegant agrarian forms.
    • Inspired by the architecture of ancient Greece and Rome, classic rooms have clean, simple lines and formal symmetry.
    • She chose few pieces of furniture and selected items that have clean, simple lines, like the house itself.
    • The simple white walls and clean lines of the store, he says, have the effect of allowing you to see the products clearly.
    • They're very thin and delicate, with elegant slender stems and a simple, clean design.
    • The design of the paper was clean, if rather text-heavy.
    • The artistic style in some cases overshadows the writings, no matter how clean and legible the writings are.
    • The only thing that breaks its clean lines is the paper tray, which drops open from the front of the unit.
    • You may roll your eyes at the design of these pages, but at least they're fairly clean.
    • Scandinavia: the home of everything pure, sleek, clean and earthy.
  • 5

    (animal/flesh) puro
    • We need not worry about such things as ceremonial washings and clean and unclean foods.


  • 1

    I clean forgot about it se me olvidó por completo
    • we're clean out of coffee no tenemos ni pizca de café
    • they got clean away on a motorcycle se escaparon en una moto sin dejar ni rastro
    • Suddenly, the wind picked up, knocking Jerry clean off his feet.
    • So that was that - except that in the rush to sort out the mystery, she clean forgot to ask what emergency the fire engine was going to.
    • It knocked the victims clean into the air.
    • He got up, landed some nice shots then finished his foe with a ridiculous counter right hand that knocked him clean out.
    • He dropped to the floor and swept his adversary's feet clean away.
    • It knocked the Statue of Liberty clean off its pedestal before soundlessly swallowing her up.
    • The ferocious second-half free kick which lifted him clean off his feet was impressive.
    • Global warming was right here, right now: and the idle daydream that it would just import Mediterranean sunshine had been washed clean away.
    • Other storeowners tell us that they're clean out of plywood - no more plywood left on the island to batten down the hatches.
    • Shall we leave that until 1 o'clock over lunch or shall we adjourn early and get a clean start at 2 o'clock if this case progresses?
    • He opened his mouth while he pulled one of his hands free from its pocket, and flicked his eyes clean across my face.
  • 2

    (cleanly, fairly)
    (fight/play) limpio
    (fight/play) limpiamente

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (remove dirt from)
    (house/windows/carpet) limpiar
    (car/floor) lavar
    (car/floor) limpiar
    (blackboard) borrar
    (blackboard) limpiar
    to clean sth of sth
    to clean sth from/off sth
    have you cleaned your teeth? ¿te has lavado los dientes?
    • I will stamp my foot until the city rises into the sky and the dirt and filth is cleaned away.
    • When we emerged, I grabbed some leaves off a nearby plant to clean the dirt off my hands.
    • It can be easier to clean their teeth if you cradle your baby's head in your arms in front of you.
    • She also hopes to ensure that the district council's cleansing and amenities targets the shop area and cleans it of dirt, weeds and loose bricks.
    • She does my laundry, cleans my house, tidies up after me and empties the cat's litter box.
    • Have a dentist clean your teeth to get rid of tobacco stains and decide to keep them looking like that.
    • Gum disease happens when plaque builds up because the teeth are not cleaned properly.
    • It also makes it easier to properly clean the barrel from the breech.
    • The first conservation step is to clean the surface of dirt and loose accumulations with water and detergent applied under high pressure.
    • You may be required to clean the property and tidy the garden before leaving.
    • Use vodka, gin, or any pure alcohol to erase lipstick stains from your collar, or to clean paint or ink stains from your carpet.
    • With a cloth from the windowsill, he began to clean the crumbly dirt from his find.
    • Get up, make bed, get dressed, get books ready, brush hair, wash face, clean dorm and head for the dining room for breakfast.
    • My father has this bright idea that he's gonna clean it by washing it down and scrubbing it and vacuuming.
    • People can't wash themselves or clean their places and this becomes a breeding place of diseases.
    • You were to dust my bookshelves and wash the windows and clean the carpets twice a week.
    • In short, show her how to mow the lawn, wash the car and clean the pool, and let her practise these chores until she does it as well as you.
    • Always wash your hands or clean them with a hand-wipe immediately before and after eating a meal.
    • After refreshing up his information on the case, he had enough time to finish up his other reports and clean his desk.
    • Spyware protection software helps you to completely clean your computer of invasive threats.
  • 2

    (dry clean)
    limpiar en seco
    llevar a la tintorería
    llevar al tinte España
  • 3

    (fish/chicken) limpiar
    • She sat down on the log and she just waited for him to carry on with cleaning the fish.
    • Taking out a small knife, she began to clean the fish.
    • Even George, when he had taught her how to clean a fish, hadn't felt the same.
    • He then took out his knife and proceeded to clean the fish, and this was a signal for her to go and set up the beds.
    • Ten minutes later, they began to gut and clean the fish.
    • For another, the pier isn't an ideal place to clean fish because it lacks a table, running water and a garbage can.
    • Three hours later, we'll return to clean fish, fry fish and eat fish.
    • Occasionally we'd give them to a neighbor, but my mother wouldn't clean fish so it was almost always a waste.
    • She said her boys had fishing rods, a net and knives to clean the fish they caught.
    • The answer greatly depends on how often a person cleans fish, how many fish they clean and the species and size of those fish.
    • The day before the demonstration he cleans the gutted haddock, ties them in pairs, and dry salts them for anything from one and a half to five hours.
    • It spends a good portion showing how to clean almost every fish imaginable.
    • Let the fishmonger scale, clean and gut the fish (I leave the head on).

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (become clean)
    this carpet cleans well esta alfombra se limpia fácil / queda muy bien cuando se limpia
    • the stain cleaned off easily la mancha salió sin problemas
  • 2

    (remove dirt)
    (substance/device) limpiar


  • 1

    limpieza femenino
    it needs a good clean necesita una buena limpieza
    • just give it a quick clean dale una repasadita
    • For the quickest clean in every room of the house, choose from our favorite pairs.
    • To allow the work to take place, the service reservoir has been drained down temporarily, and engineers are using this opportunity to give it a routine clean.
    • Conservative councillors, who have been campaigning for a weekly clean, said they were dismayed by the decision and felt residents had been let down.
    • I spent the morning tidying away the bits and bobs he'd left behind, but I'll do the real clean tomorrow when Oscar and his litter tray have gone, too.
    • ‘The first thing we are going to do is give the whole place a good clean,’ said the new general manager.
    • If the mower is petrol driven, give the external moving parts of the carburettor a good clean with a tiny paintbrush dipped in petrol to ensure ease of movement.
    • I did a zippy clean of the flat (it's surprising how much dust can settle when you're away for a week) and then they arrived.