Translation of clean-living in Spanish:


sin vicios, adj.

Pronunciation /klinˈlɪvɪŋ/


  • 1

    (person) sin vicios
    (person) de vida sana
    (habits) de persona decente
    • Or could it be that a book about a poor but honest, decent, clean-living, caring family doesn't sell quite as well as a drunken, swearing, violent family?
    • I don't count myself in this, for I live an unhealthy life, but I am the exception among my clean-living contemporaries.
    • He is an otherwise clean-living guy, respected by his colleagues and friends, but prepared to lay all of that on the line for the woman he is having an affair with.
    • I like to think people regard me as a good, clean-living professional.
    • He was a clean-living man with high moral values and he was completely unselfish, caring and gentle.
    • Named after a town in California (where, incidentally, Robert Louis Stevenson used to live) this restaurant features flavoursome, clean-living food with an impressive list of Californian wine.
    • He's quite a clean-living person, he's quite fit, he doesn't smoke, so you can't understand why it happens to him.
    • And whether it's the result of his latest clean-living regime or the cold he was suffering from in Glasgow, it doesn't really matter.
    • She's done the drugs, but now she's clean-living, having even knocked her legendary pot habit on the head.
    • I long for the day gone by when our pop stars were a clean-living, purer, less controversial breed.
    • His approach to life could scarcely be more different than his clean-living, modest father.
    • In these clean-living days you might be forgiven for thinking we've all tidied up our acts.
    • She has always seemed like a pretty clean-living girl - irritatingly so, really.
    • And with a workload that shows no signs of slacking off any time soon, Bill's got every incentive to keep up his clean-living lifestyle - and even get around to that yoga.
    • They all look so healthy and cheerful in a clean-living, sprout-sprouting kind of way.
    • He was a clean-living young man whose spare time ran to nothing more villainous than drama and singing.
    • Elected to the Illinois legislature in 1936, Daley was a hard-working, clean-living exception to the carousing lifestyle of the state's legislative culture.
    • A passionate, clean-living group of musicians have fused rock ‘n roll with gospel and have done it with zeal.
    • ‘You've got to have pretty clean-living guys,’ he said, referring to the need for players to get their rest instead of cavorting at all-night pubs.
    • I've gone from being the least clean-living person to being the cleanest-living person in the world.