Translation of cleanse in Spanish:


limpiar, v.

Pronunciation /klɛnz/

transitive verb

  • 1

    to cleanse sth/sb (of sth) limpiar algo/a algn (de algo)
    • Every morning is like pouring water over myself until my soul is cleansed of sin.
    • He promised that God would cleanse his people of all impurities so that they could draw near to him again.
    • We continued to walk toward the forest, as if immersion in the wild lands where she should have roamed free could cleanse us of leaving her in such conditions.
    • The same Spirit that empowers us also cleanses us with a purifying fire.
    • A little deliberation shows that this is the very essence of repentance and it is known that repentance cleanses a person.
    • There were large palm fronds strung around the village to protect it from evil and to cleanse any evil person who entered the village.
    • He promised to open a fountain in the house of David to cleanse the people.