Translation of clear in Spanish:


despejado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈklɪr/ /klɪə/

Definition of despejado in Spanish

adjective clearer, clearest

  • 1

    (sky) despejado
    (sky) claro
    (day) despejado
    (liquid/glass/plastic) transparente
    (gaze) limpio
    (gaze) claro
    I have a clear conscience tengo la conciencia tranquila
    • she has very clear skin tiene muy buen cutis
    • to keep a clear head mantener la mente despejada
    • He pauses to pour ice water into a clear glass tumbler, and drinks from it heartily.
    • A little water spilled over the blue top, speckling the darkly varnished wood with clear droplets of water.
    • People are encouraged to begin to drink and eat as soon as they feel ready, starting with clear fluids such as water or apple juice.
    • It was the same guy from the couch, holding a glass of clear liquid and looking concerned.
    • Place the tray over a heating pad and cover it with a piece of glass or clear plastic.
    • The tea must be brewed in a teapot, preferably made of glass so that a glimpse of the clear amber liquid adds to the delight.
    • Mix a teaspoon of clear honey with one drop of rose water and apply to the lips before bed.
    • Try that, he says, thrusting a glass brimming with clear liquid in my direction.
    • The doc recommended that we keep him off solid foods and on clear fluids for at least 24 hours.
    • It was a perfect Swedish June, with the sun striking buttery lights off still clear water.
    • While many of the beaches are black with volcanic mud, others are coral, with very clear water.
    • Some individuals are able to get a similar result by coating nails with clear polish.
    • The water was clear as the air and the wildflowers looked as if they had never been touched.
    • As she put the roses into clear water, she knew with out a shadow of a doubt that she was loved.
    • Wash the mushrooms under clear water, dry on a towel, and cut the large ones in smaller pieces.
    • A light, clear soup is a great appetiser, and sipping fizzy drinks makes it easier to prolong a meal.
    • Chemists then adjust the mixture, so as to maintain compatibility with the clear glass.
    • It was a gorgeous bowl of strawberries in a beautiful, gleaming clear glass bowl.
    • Remove from heat, stir in one teaspoon of clear honey and pour the mixture into a ceramic bowl.
    • The holder, bought in Italy, is clear plastic and fractionally larger than the card.
    • The view from the window may not be as clear and free of cloud as we would wish.
    • Much as I delight in really dramatic sunsets, there's a special, quiet joy to be had when the sky is clear of clouds.
    • Peering into an evening sky, clear of clouds, is one of life's more rewarding moments.
    • You need a clear sky, with just enough cloud to tease some of the more dramatic colours out of the sunbeams.
    • The sky was clear and dazzling, and there was not even a cloud in the sky to warn him of dreary days.
    • I was lucky it turned out to be a clear night and no rain would get in the way of my plan.
    • Her eyes were greeted by a clear sky, save for a few thin puffs of clouds here and there.
    • They all looked up and saw the dark clouds were disappearing towards the west and the sky was clear.
    • I was delighted and relieved that the weather was clear and the cloud base was high, so she could see for herself how lovely it is.
    • Mars is whizzing by, the skies are clear - and I can't get my telescope to work!
    • We of course wanted clear skies or our efforts would be thwarted but the morning had been very overcast and we were not hopeful.
    • It was a clear night, no clouds to release any surprise showers, just stars dotting the navy sky like diamonds.
    • These are occasions that stand out on the Irish sporting calendar, like stars in a clear sky.
    • It was three o'clock in the afternoon and the sun was baking down from a clear sky.
    • Here in the UK we wait all year for a decent day of weather and then complain about it within the first few minutes of clear sky.
    • There was a brisk breeze coming in across the North Sea but clear skies and bright sunshine made it pleasant even so.
    • The sky was perfectly clear; the moon, a strip of curved ribbon, gleamed brightly.
    • We join overnight guests in the outdoor pool where we look for meteors in the crystal clear, star-studded sky.
    • The afternoon is warm though the sky is not entirely clear.
    • It was a clear night and there isn't anything behind the tree upon which a shadow could be cast.
  • 2

    (outline/picture) nítido
    (outline/picture) claro
    (voice) claro
    now we have a clear line ahora se oye bien
    • It could be produced in many bright, clear colours, and had long life and durability.
    • It's a silvery world of mauves, soft greens and occasional outbursts of clear colour.
    • I could see the clock at the other side of the room and all the colours were so clear.
    • The colour is clear and some inclusions of biotite and melt are present.
    • Colours are clear and bold and the technique is smooth and glossy.
    • Beauty is generally perceived as a good clear colour and transparency, as shown by fine emeralds or rubies.
    • Utterly relaxed, she was lying clean and pure in a pool of warm, clear blue, naked and bathed in light.
    • In winter, the colour changes to a clear white, broken only by a black tip on the tail.
    • Everything was a forest green or a clear blue, with patches of sunlight here and there.
    • Broth in an uninoculated tube was clear blue and without a pellicle or precipitate.
    • The pupils were black, and surrounding them was a ring of clear blue.
    • To my astonishment, it was no longer a clear blue, but had turned to a hazel sort of green.
    • They were the clear blue color she so clearly recalled, the same color of river her mother's had been.
    • On the left side of his chest there were clear blue bruises and also on his abdomen.
    • Our first port of call was a small clear blue pool at the bottom of the stairs.
    • His eyes were still that same clear blue, and they were certain that there was a smile on his face.
    • Behind them, a lady with one green eye and the other a clear blue was selling marionettes.
    • It should come out a clear dark amber colour and have a lovely flavour.
    • It bulldozed through those boundaries and broke into clear blue space.
    • The sky was a crisp, clear blue and the trees were every shade of yellow, orange and red.
  • 3

    • 3.1(plain, evident)

      they have a clear advantage over us está claro que nos llevan ventaja
      • a clear majority una amplia mayoría
      • it's a clear case of suicide es un caso evidente / claro de suicidio
      • the Bears are clear favorites los Bears son, sin lugar a dudas, el equipo favorito
      • it became clear that he was lying se hizo evidente / patente que estaba mintiendo

    • 3.2

      (explanation/instructions/idea) claro
      is that clear? ¿está / queda claro?
      • it's not entirely clear to me why it's necessary no me queda muy claro por qué es necesario
      • let's get this clear entendámonos bien
      • I want to make one thing clear quiero que quede en claro una cosa
      • I don't think I can make the explanation any clearer no creo que pueda explicarlo más claramente
      • it was made clear to him that … le explicaron claramente que …
      • do I make myself clear? ¿me explico?
      • The audio is quite good for a mono track, with dialogue clear and easy to understand.
      • I hope I am making myself clear, because you bring up a good point with this, for me.
      • There has been extensive market research and field trials of various sample maps to ensure that the new maps are clear and easy to read.
      • Can anyone suggest a good, clear, easy beginner's book to the Kabbalah?
      • With the audio, all you can say is that it's clear and you can understand what is being said.
      • The switchgear has a quality feel and is well laid out, whilst the dials are clear and easy to read.
      • Oddly, it was easier to have a clear conversation with someone in the Northampton area than someone in the office next door.
      • Instruments are clear and easy to read and the single CD sound system was excellent.
      • The route planner and mapfinder are separate, but the site is clear and easy to use.
      • It is that particular focus, with his easy and clear style of writing, that makes this volume so helpful.
      • The display is crisp and clear and is easy to read - just how it should be.
      • The book also suggests ways of taking on this problem in a clear and direct manner that can be grasped easily by any reader.
      • It is raw, natural, with a distinct style, yet the underlying melody comes out strong and clear.
      • Alan is very quiet and contained and clear when he's directing, and there's nothing you want more than that.
      • I found the setup guide on the website extremely clear and easy to follow, so haven't tried to replicate it here.
      • She had a strong clear voice that you would think could only come from a woman twice her age.
      • The implications of the refusal of the hand are clear and yet beautifully understated.
      • Suddenly, from somewhere within the motel, a bell rang out clear and strong.
      • I have made this point abundantly clear on more than one occasion.
      • The music is crystal clear without any hiss or distortion in the mix.
      • I learned that one ought to try to have a clear idea of where you're wanting to go.
      • Its editor has a clear idea of why things took off.
      • Let's get a clear idea what we want it to look like when it's done.
      • Therefore parents need to inform their young daughters and sons to be clear around the idea of consent.
      • Dostoevsky appears not to have had a clear idea of how to proceed.
      • That is not to say that Campbell and his team do not have clear ideas about what exactly they want for the firm and what clients expect of them.
      • This checklist would give the student a clear idea of what to look for when choosing a creative-writing course.
      • I didn't have any clear ideas as to what I was going to do with it, or even for how long I would stick at it before getting bored.
      • I've followed everything all the parties have said, and now have a clear idea of the major differences.
      • They have no clear idea, or simply do not think about, the complicated process of making it.
      • Don't rush off to the media without a clear idea of what you want to accomplish.
      • The device of the gathering for a family portrait gives the audience a clear idea of who's who.
      • More to the point, the great adventuresses of French fiction usually had a clear idea of what they were up to.
      • I was then in my late twenties, and had a fairly clear idea of what I was doing.
      • That outing has given him a clear idea about how the Olympic boxing contests would be.
      • Did you have a clear idea about how long it would take to impose your ideas on the team?
      • It is important for us to get a clear idea of the way in which members approach their tasks.
      • At the time he struck me as a very enthusiastic young man with a clear idea of what he wanted to do.
      • My mind is perfectly clear on one point.
      • At least everyone is clear on what an exclamation mark is for, even if they overuse it.

    • 3.3

      to be clear
      • let's be quite clear!
      • I'm not entirely clear

  • 4

    (free, unobstructed)
    (space/road/desk) despejado
    clear of sth
    did you get a clear view of him? ¿lo pudiste ver bien?
    • keep clear no obstruya el paso
    • I keep Thursday afternoon clear me dejo todos los jueves por la tarde libres
    • all clear! ¡el campo está libre!
    • In a car sit in the front seat if possible so you can get a clear view of the road.
    • But even inside the exclusion zone, the middle of the road was quite clear of snow.
    • In heavy rain, the fastest speed of the windscreen wipers is inadequate to keep the view ahead clear.
    • All aspects of the dialogue, effects and music are free and clear of any distortion.
    • I was driving and waited until the road ahead was clear before attempting to overtake.
    • It meant the rallying duo would have a clear road ahead of them at the start of second day.
    • All aspects of the soundtrack are free and clear of any excessive noise or distortion.
    • By Friday afternoon, the shrine appeared empty, clear of the visitors and the militants.
    • I enjoy keeping the garden clear of old raspberry canes, intrusive crab grass, and debris.
    • When the road ahead is clear, it smoothly accelerates to the speed originally set by the driver.
    • It would also serve the purpose of keeping the river clear of weeds and watercress.
    • My wardrobes are clear of posters and postcards and the fixture list is now binned.
    • The small amount of sail left a clear view ahead, so he came back and joined her when he had fastened the ropes to his satisfaction.
    • You can check if a car is clear of any outstanding finance deals by contacting companies that research the car's history for you.
    • One lane was soon opened and the road was clear by the afternoon.
    • Directional effects are utilized in multiple scenes while the dialogue is all clear of any excessive hiss or distortion.
    • We ask all parents to keep the gateway clear at school times.
    • Chose a clear day to mend a broken fence covered in a climber, as it will be a time-consuming job to untie and untangle the plant.
  • 5

    we've got two days clear or two clear days tenemos dos días enteros
    • he makes a clear $450 a week saca 450 dólares netos / limpios a la semana
    • clear profit beneficio neto / líquido
    • they are three points clear llevan tres puntos de ventaja
  • 6

    (beyond, outside)
    to be clear (of sth)
    • His grateful passengers disembark and head for their cars, parked on either side of the road clear of the water.
  • 7

    (in showjumping)
    (round) sin faltas


  • 1

    the cargo sank clear to the bottom la carga se fue a pique hasta el fondo
    • He stepped forward and embraced his son, lifting him clear off the ground.
    • John glared back at him, tempted to shove him clear off the railing.

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(make free, unobstructed)

      (room) vaciar
      (floor/surface) despejar
      (drain/pipe) desatascar
      (drain/pipe) destapar Latin America
      (building/stage) desalojar
      50 square miles of forest have been cleared han talado 50 millas cuadradas de bosque
      • to clear a space for sth hacer sitio / lugar para algo
      • police cleared the area la policía evacuó la zona
      • the area was cleared of debris se quitaron los escombros de la zona
      • to clear sth out of the way quitar algo de en medio
      • let's clear all this paper off the desk quitemos todos estos papeles del escritorio
      • The ship's dining room has been cleared of the tables and the last dance has just finished.
      • It has been cleared of rats and other introduced predators.
      • This island was named by Captain Cook and has been cleared of rats and vermin so as to be used as a bird sanctuary.
      • The crop stack would then be cleared of any rodents.
      • The cobwebs were finally cleared out of his head and his alertness had returned.
      • When the table was finally cleared away, we brought the plates to the kitchen and started to wash them.
      • Angioplasty is a popular procedure for clearing clogged arteries and veins, but it can also be risky.
      • He coughed a few times, clearing his liquid filled throat.
      • Venting worked and smoke has been cleared from his lungs.
      • It took me a few minutes to clear it from my laundry and shake it free from my finger tips.
      • Bulldozers have cleared debris from some of the city's main arteries.
      • I was curious about the huge chunks of snow on the sides of the road, but then realised that it was because snow graders had come along earlier and cleared the road of snow.
      • Credit must go to the ground staff and the club's trainees and youth coaching staff who on Saturday cleared the pitch of snow to ensure the game was able to go ahead.
      • Whatever the weather, Cumbria County Council is bound by law to send the snow plough out to clear the highways.
      • It was mid-morning by the time the snow plough had cleared a path down the lane.
      • Back when every farm dugout was cleared of snow by mid-December and hand-me-down skates were laced up over hand-me-down boots.
      • Her mother gave her a smile as she began clearing the table of dirty plates.
      • He sat down at the dirty table, clearing a space to set his arms.
      • Tables were cleared promptly which is usually a good sign.
      • Purification is about clearing the path to our destination so we're free to enjoy the sights along our journey.
      • Forty staff from Westminster then helped workers from the Royal Parks to clear the Mall and neighbouring parks.
      • We thought that they would take our warning seriously and clear the building.
      • They have assisted in clearing buildings and homes, because it's a manpower-intensive battle in the urban terrain.
      • Beggars will be cleared from city centre streets and fined or imprisoned under police plans to tackle aggressive behaviour and improve Scotland's image.
      • The incident caused congestion on surrounding roads as police cleared the area.
      • The crowd left shortly after police cleared the building, heading home with sleeping bags and supplies they brought to convert the building into a place for people to live.
      • By 6pm, riot police had begun to clear the city centre, forcing the crowds out towards Westgate.
      • We went through all of the building and cleared all of the rooms.
      • A campaign to clear York streets of beggars has got off to a promising start, according to those running it.
      • The streets below were quickly cleared by police.
      • Ideally a building should be cleared from the top downwards.
      • Knowing the gas inside the cylinders had overheated, firefighters had no choice but to order roads and homes to be cleared within a 200m radius of the site.
      • They continued down Cedar Lane, having cleared the last populated places.
      • After half an hour or so, they removed the hazard, and cleared the scene, allowing us to go back to work.

    • 1.2Computing

      (screen) despejar
      (data) borrar
      • They whispered to the tall man as they cleared dirty plates off the table and replaced them with platters of desserts.
      • These volunteers spent a few hours removing the sand from the footpath and clearing the seaweed from the slipway leading onto the beach.
      • That has forced manufacturers to rely on deep price cuts to clear their unwanted inventories.
      • There are signs of hope as people start to clear the rubble and sludge from their homes.
      • They will help police with motorway accidents, removing damaged and abandoned vehicles and clearing debris from the road.
      • I cleared the final patch of weeds which was blocking progress.
      • I cleared magazines, guitar strings, and dirty clothes out of the way so he could sit beside me.
      • The fire was restarted and the debris was eventually cleared away.
      • We dug the culvert out clearing all the debris that was found in the culvert.
      • With any luck, clearing the worst away would bring natural economic forces into play.
      • The stormy water has cleared some of the plankton and visibility is up to about 15m, though this is still a low reading by west coast standards.
      • In some parts of Sofia, residents awoke to find that their refuse had been cleared.
      • The fire force officials rushed to the spot and cleared the uprooted trees to enable free flow of traffic.

  • 2

    (fence/ditch/hurdle) salvar
    (fence/ditch/hurdle) saltar por encima de
    the plane just cleared the trees el avión pasó casi rozando los árboles
    • the chassis barely cleared the ground el chasis casi tocaba el suelo
    • if the measure clears the Senate si el Senado aprueba la medida
    • the vessel cleared the harbor la embarcación salió del puerto
    • the passengers have already cleared customs los pasajeros ya han pasado por la aduana
    • As he was still moving, the SUV roared past, barely clearing his car.
    • You can see he clearly was not picked up high enough and barely cleared the ropes.
    • They nimbly cleared bows of fallen trees as they ran, pushing their legs to go faster and harder.
    • I got as high up in the eddy as I could, so I would have enough speed to clear the hole.
    • Owen's shot cleared the bar but the point had been made.
    • The angel on top of the tree barely cleared the crystal chandelier that hung from the ceiling.
    • Once you can do this easily, you know you can jump high enough to clear the curb.
    • What happens when a community built on oppression and struggle clears its final hurdle?
    • The project has been launched but it cannot take off without clearing the hurdles.
    • After clearing a very steep hill, the plane banks and dips abruptly to a tiny runway that ends brusquely on St. Jean's beach.
    • To get there, some obstacles will have to be cleared.
    • If the property is already developed, those obstacles would already be cleared and the property would be worth more.
    • Once it clumsily clears the runway, it takes off.
  • 3

    (free from suspicion)
    he was cleared of all charges lo absolvieron de todos los cargos
    • she is determined to clear her name está decidida a limpiar su nombre
  • 4

    • 4.1(authorize)

      darle el visto bueno a
      you'll have to clear that with Tom tendrás que obtener autorización / el visto bueno de Tom
      • the shipment hasn't been cleared yet todavía no han autorizado el envío
      • the 727 had been cleared for takeoff/landing el 727 había recibido autorización para despegar/aterrizar
      • The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority Bill has been cleared by the Union cabinet.
      • It is true that there is evidence that some returnees have been persecuted for and convicted of war crimes despite being included in any amnesty or cleared by the authorities before return.
      • Once a request has been made by the office of a federal lawmaker on behalf of a citizen wanting to visit the facility, it must be cleared by higher authorities.
      • In past years, a female operator who had been cleared by the shelter authorities was allowed to bring in a rig to contact the North Pole.
      • This generates a security measure whereby all information posted by all content managers has to be cleared by the authorising officer before it is available online.
      • He climbed aboard the aircraft, started the engines, and was cleared for takeoff.
      • At exactly 00: 33 hours, we were cleared for takeoff by the Traffic Controller.
      • A developer has been cleared to begin work on the Western Bay's biggest residential subdivision, starting within two months.
      • If the Supreme Court clears California's policy, other states will feel free to copy it.
      • What could cause an airplane to be cleared for landing and within a couple hundred feet of the ground all of a sudden take off again?
      • Johnson said state ethics officials cleared her involvement in both groups.
      • In the meantime, officials have cleared cruise ships to leave the port.

    • 4.2Finance

      a cleared check un cheque compensado / pagado
      • The worst accounts take up to ten days to clear cheques for interest purposes!
      • After receiving the cheque, he paid it into his branch, on June 28, and went back three days later to ask the cashier if the cheque had been cleared.
      • He was arrested in the bank as he waited for the cheque to be cleared.
      • By the time he sent a cheque and it was cleared three days later, the sum owed was different.
      • This will not actually be cleared for interest purposes until the next day - Wednesday.

  • 5

    • 5.1(settle)

      (debt/account) liquidar
      (debt/account) saldar
      • A student in debt is trying to clear his overdraft by starting a website to help others manage their cash.
      • There are evil guys to fend off; there is a debt to be cleared.
      • After the debt has been cleared, and a better standard of player purchased, what then?
      • In another, a substantial proportion of the debt has been cleared.
      • It was hoped that if gifts continued to come in the entire debt could be cleared.
      • However the project will not begin until all debts have been cleared from phase one.
      • She has spent the last 18 months appealing for her debt to be cleared.
      • Its payment hierarchy means you clear the cheapest debt first.
      • As he ran he reviewed in his mind the balance sheets of his new firm, the debts that were being cleared, the reputation he was re-establishing.
      • The compensation will enable her to clear her debts, repay the money she borrowed from her mother and make a fresh start.
      • I resolved to dig myself out of this mess and, following a hard-earned windfall and the sale of some shares, I cleared all of my debts in a very short time.
      • Of course, this means we pay more in interest and are even tempted to think that our debts have been magically cleared and so we start spending again.
      • The money raised goes towards clearing some of the debt on the building.
      • Hence, after your 25 years are up, your entire debt will have been cleared.
      • He predicted that between 100,000 to 200,000 people would lose their jobs as banks focus on cleaning up their books and clearing bad debts.
      • His first act as owner was to clear £150,000 of debts and take the club full-time.
      • I use them for hotels abroad and rail fares, but I've never borrowed a penny on credit since I cleared £28,000 of debt in 2001.
      • They had received a lot of support and with a grant of €30,000 due from the County Council the debt for the development will be cleared.
      • If you have ever tried to pay off your five hundred on the credit card you will know how hard debt is to clear.
      • You only receive free credit if you clear the debt off in full at the end of the month.

    • 5.2(earn)

      she clears over $3,000 a week saca más de 3.000 dólares por semana
      • The company cleared $188 million in profits in the last two years.

    • 5.3(sell off)

      (stock) liquidar
      reduced to clear rebajas por liquidación

  • 6

    (ball/puck) despejar
    • The shot hit the post before being cleared to safety.
    • However his angled shot went across the goal and was cleared to safety.
    • The next thing to remember when clearing into triple threat is to never, and I mean never, take and put the ball up over your head immediately.
    • The German side win a free-kick outside the Chelsea box on the left flank, but the visitors clear.
    • He can leave some big rebounds and doesn't get a lot of help from his defensemen in clearing them away or in removing the opposition from the crease.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1

      (sky/weather) despejarse
      (water) aclararse
      her head began to clear se le empezó a despejar la cabeza
      • After weeks of fog, wind and rain the weather suddenly cleared to allow for a helicopter trip to try and locate them.
      • After a week of heavy rain the weather cleared just in time for the first event of 2004.
      • The skies slowly cleared and the cumulus clouds got friendlier as the day went on.
      • She looked toward the sky, which had cleared from the rain.
      • Generally there is a short thunderstorm in the afternoon and then the weather clears, but we had hardly any rain.
      • I looked up to see a sky clearing down to the horizon, with no sign of rain cloud.
      • There was a very brief spatter of rain, evaporating almost instantly as the drops hit the pavement, and then it stopped, the sky cleared, and there was no sign of rain to be seen once more.
      • The sky cleared to the west in Maryland, but it was raining in Delaware.
      • We made landfall at Barra in September last year, and once the rain stopped and the sky cleared, agreed that the scenery was as beautiful as anything we'd seen on our trip.
      • Stepping outside, he noticed the rain had stopped, the sky had cleared, but the sun was setting.
      • But then, in one of those astonishingly swift changes for which the Himalayas are renowned, the rain stopped, the sky cleared, and sun shone brightly.
      • But lo and behold as the round progressed the skies cleared and we had some fine and excellent golf weather.
      • It was still very muddy, but the rain had stopped and the sky was clearing.
      • It was almost dawn, the sky was clearing, the crows had started cawing and the birds were chirping all around.
      • There was relief all around when the shower turned out to be only a brief one that dwindled into a sporadic drizzle that soon stopped as the sky cleared.
      • And by evening's end, the skies even cleared to reveal a stunning display of northern lights.
      • I had the good fortune to be outside under the stars when the sky cleared on Sunday.
      • The sky began to clear and there were puffy white clouds forming as the evening faded away.
      • But the weather had finally cleared up, leaving them no more excuses.
      • The players practised in rain yesterday and the long range forecast for tomorrow is cloudy, showers in the morning, but clearing in the afternoon.

    • 1.2(disperse)

      (fog/smoke) levantarse
      (fog/smoke) disiparse
      (traffic/congestion) despejarse
      (irritation) pasarse
      (irritation) irse
      my rash has cleared se me ha ido el sarpullido
      • The smoke cleared to reveal the floor covered with black and dark green snakes of all lengths and speeds.
      • Stand by your brand in slow times, and watch it grow when the storm clears.
      • Or, a company may need so much drastic fixing that a full-timer would just be resented too much if he stayed after the storm cleared.
      • Some investors figure that when the smoke clears, Brazil will be solid.
      • After the earlier downpours, the rain clouds cleared and the sun arrived just in time for Saturday's colourful street procession.
      • It had stopped raining and clouds had cleared showing the sky's spectacular show of sparkling lights.
      • He saw the clouds had cleared from the sky and the sun was shining.
      • The dry season is finally here, and after six months the rain and humidity have disappeared and the clouds have cleared.
      • The rain had cleared, a rainbow was high above amongst the clouds, a fluffy white only a hint of dull grey round the edges.
      • I told the kid to watch the sky in the east because as the clouds cleared in the west, the sun peeked through.
      • The rain had stopped and the clouds had cleared for the most part.
      • By evening the mood was festive again, and the rain had cleared.
      • The rain would partially clear on Saturday when the cold front causing it moved away to the interior.
      • Sound systems were connected up and barbecues were lit and then the fog cleared, the rain stopped and the sun came out.
      • With the early morning rain well cleared, the teams took the field in bright sunshine and calm conditions.
      • After a stinking, smelly day, the clouds and muck cleared, and wandering down Oxford Street you can feel the sense of a city starting to shed its seasonal cocoon.
      • The situation is at the stage where the total damage cannot be estimated, because the water has not cleared, as yet, and unfortunately today they are expecting more rain.
      • Now that the dust has cleared I should begin by thanking you all for your words of support and encouragement last week.
      • My condition began clearing that first week, but I continued seeing him for treatment.
      • The television fizzed for a second and the distortion began to clear.

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