Translation of clearly in Spanish:


claramente, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈklɪrli/ /ˈklɪəli/


  • 1

    • 1.1(distinctly)

      (visible/marked/distinguished) claramente
      (speak/write/think) con claridad
      (speak/write/think) claramente
      • Every time they looked up from behind the cash desk the poster was clearly visible.
      • A seed was judged to be germinated when the root tip had clearly penetrated the seed coat.
      • A run will be clearly visible with this rig; any movement is a take as the bait is dead.
      • He also made use of the rule that what is clearly and distinctly perceived is true or real.
      • Maybe an ability to see things as clearly as that is a gift you can't get rid of, even if you wanted to.
      • To identify who I am, a sticker like the one below will clearly be on display.
      • She always seems to have something interesting to say, and says it clearly and well.
      • Can we create one of our own that is heard as clearly by the public in general?
      • They must display both their blue badge and a clock card clearly to say when they first parked.
      • A union motion calling for the policy to be scrapped was clearly carried on a show of hands.
      • Now you hear clearly the sound of the trains and see them towering over the park.
      • We can see the pattern of the upward swing of the interest rate cycle reasonably clearly.
      • The language is very simple and when they have had to use an unusual term it is clearly explained.
      • People come forward from the audience and they tell us very clearly how they feel.

    • 1.2(without ambiguity)

      (speak/write/show) claramente
      • With a look of determination about her, the composer is clearly up for the challenge.
      • He's also the sort of person who enjoys debate, but clearly likes to win the argument.
      • He's a man with an immediate warmth and his family clearly means everything to him.
      • They clearly adore these plants and are keen to share their passion with a fresh audience.
      • These are bonuses that clearly have not been earned by the underlying fund itself.
      • It was a lovely photograph of two young people clearly happy in each other's company.
      • It is clearly an opportunity we wish to grab to assist in real practical changes.
      • There is no rite of passage that so clearly separates the devout from the damned.
      • At least then they'd have to legally face up to what they're clearly trying to incite.
      • In this adaptation we were clearly meant to think that this was harsh and unfair.
      • The balance is still not even, but they are clearly doing something better than us.
      • He is clearly a hard working and sincere musician, who puts every effort into his craft.
      • The book has been written by a host of people who clearly have expertise in this subject.
      • Gaze at it across the waters from the white sands of Morar and it clearly has two distinct parts.
      • They look to have added class to a squad that clearly has the ability to stand out from the chasing pack.
      • The ability to analyze a line and see all the moves clearly falls under this ability.
      • The challenge of how to make money out of downloadable music is clearly too taxing for them.
      • It's clearly a problem that so many people think they are ill, but what do ministers do?

  • 2

    it's clearly impossible/absurd es a todas luces imposible/absurdo
    • clearly, this must stop evidentemente / desde luego, esto se tiene que terminar