Translation of clearway in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈklɪrweɪ/ /ˈklɪəweɪ/


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    tramo de carretera en el que está prohibido detenerse (in UK)
    • Queens Drive is a clearway and there is no parking allowed on clearways, slip roads and lay-bys.
    • He said that although the changes to bus lanes and urban clearways would help journey times it would not provide a solution to the city's increasing traffic delays.
    • But a brief reply from County Hall told the town council that plans for bus stop clearways on Long Street had now been dropped.
    • Although the cars were illegally parked in bus stop clearways, the correct signage, a big yellow B, has not yet been painted on the tarmac.
    • The wide clearways or throughways, referred to as the assault routes, run from the troop assembly points to the dock and the flight deck, allowing the fully equipped troops to move quickly and efficiently into position for disembarking.
    • The timings of urban clearways - where parking and loading are not permitted at certain times to help improve traffic flow - have never been revised and are now thought to be out of step with many working patterns.
    • The scheme will also include improvements at bus stops to make it easier to get on and off and clearways will be created to stop parked cars blocking buses from pulling in and out.
    • Queens Drive is a clearway and as such is not to be used for parking, as defined in the highway code.
    • Residents say the problem, exacerbated by drivers who fail to obey clearways (a headache for the emergency services), is not seasonal, as some suggest, but all year round.
    • While clearways would certainly ease congestion and avoid bank-ups where multiple rail lines converge, the government's agenda is not ‘more regular services’.
    • In outline, I envisage that a clearway free of media will be maintained across the bridge at all times, and that no interviews will be permitted on it.
    • Lonsdale Street is gridlocked, primarily due to a couple of people ignoring the clearway signs and parking.
    • The entire perimeter of the cordon will temporarily become a no parking clearway to facilitate through traffic, emergency vehicles and mass transport providers.