Translation of cleavage in Spanish:


escote, n.

Pronunciation /ˈklivɪdʒ/ /ˈkliːvɪdʒ/


  • 1

    escote masculine
    • Her top was extremely low cut with her cleavage barely staying in.
    • Carrie was wearing a denim skirt and another v-neck that exposed her cleavage.
    • It can be large or small, with a pronounced cleavage or with the breasts entirely separated.
    • The dress is very low cut, revealing much cleavage and accentuating her breasts.
    • Above the bead, a slim belt of baggy creases circled her round beneath her bosom and her cleavage was covered modestly.
    • I made my way over to him, but my way was blocked by a young woman with a low-cut top that revealed a large portion of her cleavage.
    • Her towel was around her chest, but exposing her cut and her cleavage.
    • If they say that we cannot expose a women's cleavage, then women's beach volleyball should not be allowed.
    • She wears glittery low-cut tops and doesn't mind showing off her ample cleavage.
    • You can distinguish the female of the species by her exposed cleavage and teetering walk.
    • ‘Guess the strap from my bag pulled it open,’ she improvises, moving quickly to fasten her shirt and cover up her exposed cleavage.
    • With a quick nod, I walked out, grabbing a random scarf off the rack to cover my exposed cleavage.
    • She leaned over the counter, pushing her breasts together to form a cleavage line on her chest.
    • A lab assistant comes up to us, the top of her labcoat open and generous cleavage and breasts are in danger of falling out.
    • It was mostly dark red taffeta, the gown; but the low cut, cleavage showing bodice was over laid in thin, black, netting like lace and the skirt was trimmed with a black gauze sash.
    • The bodice was low cut and showed cleavage as it scooped.
    • It was cut in a boat-neck style in the front, not revealing too much cleavage but exposing plenty of skin and her collar bone.
    • Laura's hand was on her chest, pushing her already low, revealing shirt even lower, exposing more cleavage.
    • Her tight pants hugged her hips while her button down shirt exposed too much cleavage.
    • Lorraine leaned into Jay's open window, purposely revealing a great deal of her cleavage.
  • 2

    división feminine
    • The cells deriving from cleavage divisions are often called blastomeres.
    • The transparent, 100-m-diameter oocyte is fertilized and undergoes rapid mitotic cleavage cycles.
    • For a successful division to take place the cell has to determine the location, where to separate, and the point of time to start cell cleavage.
    • In most cell types DNA cleavage occurs after irreversible activation of endonucleases.
    • One important difference involves the cleavage patterns; the division of cells in the early embryo.
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    (in rock)
    grieta feminine
    hendidura feminine
    • Where possible, flawed sections are removed and larger crystals cut into smaller pieces with minimal wastage by splitting the crystal along natural cleavage planes.
    • Diamonds have cleavage planes in four directions, making them highly susceptible to shattering when struck by a hard blow.
    • Thus, the crystals have cleavage planes for the necessary migration aptitude.
    • The mean cleavage plane exhibits a small amount of apparent clockwise transection.
    • A few faces at unusual angles were noted, but these appear to be cleavage planes.
    • All minerals posses specific physical properties such as color, luster, crystal form, cleavage, fracture, hardness, and specific gravity.
    • Discoveries expanded from good mineral specimens to include true gem material, transparent crystals, and cleavage fragments of fine red color.
    • If these photons are reflected back into the junction, by a cleavage plane in the crystal, for example, a standing wave can be established.
    • We used the cleavage plane of mica crystals as a model substrate in this work.
    • Their associated cleavage can be traced directly across the unconformity.
    • These inclusions were found within the cleavage planes of the crystal structure of the biotites.
    • This cleavage is roughly parallel to the axial plane of the folds described previously and has a reverse-fan disposition.
    • Thus, properties such as malleability, a high degree of hardness, poor cleavage, and chemical inertness are favorable.
    • These have a good slaty cleavage in pelitic rocks and a well-developed crenulation cleavage in places.
    • Fold limbs are upward facing with respect to cleavage, and beds intruded by the studied granitoid rocks are not overturned.
    • This is because this mineral was always observed as fine-grained inclusions parallel to the cleavage of biotite crystals.
    • The first phenomenon was observed in cleavage sections by David Brewster in 1819.
    • Unfortunately, both stones are extensively flawed with fractures, visible cleavage, and visible mineral inclusions.
    • It has indistinct cleavage and an uneven fracture and is sectile.
    • Many, if not most, of these are cleavage cracks, but it is important to understand that fractures and cleavages are not the same thing.