Translation of clerical in Spanish:


clerical, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈklɛrək(ə)l/ /ˈklɛrɪk(ə)l/


  • 1

    (robes/vows) clerical
    • As many have observed, clerical and especially episcopal accountability is a complex matter.
    • This shift is most striking in the more clerical churches, the Anglican and Roman Catholic.
    • There is a huge difference between clerical reform of the church and lay renewal of the church.
    • Still, such men could use their gifts in carrying on authentic and fruitful clerical ministries.
    • Society is too different, the needs of the church have changed, and the regime of clerical prestige is gone.
    • In all of this scandal, a great deal has been made of clerical culture.
    • The reformers reacted against the clerical abuse of power, and rightly so.
    • Again, a culture of secrecy develops, one that is carried over into the larger clerical culture.
    • The question that must be asked is what in the clerical culture itself leads to this kind of debacle in the first place.
    • It seems to me, if clerical culture needs to be broken up and exposed to the light, that would just about do it.
    • The only thing that has changed is the capacity of the clerical culture to sustain the duplicity.
    • She does not make a point of calling attention to her status by the use of either titles or clerical garb.
    • Evangelism, instruction, leadership and even prayer, are thought of as clerical functions.
    • The clerical monopoly was broken; from now on every man and woman could be their own interpreter.
    • It is not difficult to see why Gregory and his supporters denounced both lay proprietorship and clerical marriage.
    • They required that relatives and friends, both lay and clerical, obtain written permission to visit.
    • Similar developments were evident in the incomes of the lesser princes and lords, both lay and clerical.
    • He wore the clerical robes of a priest, but there was something not quite right about his getup.
    • It is in this chapel that the first conversation about clerical office begins.
    • The women are taking over priestly and clerical duties, such as chaplaincies.
  • 2

    (of a clerk)
    (job/work) de oficina
    clerical assistant oficinista empleado
    • clerical staff personal administrativo
    • Under the reforms, support assistants took over 24 clerical and routine tasks from teachers when the new term began last week.
    • They also refuse to carry out clerical, administrative and porter duties.
    • The work tasks varied from foundry work and heavy engineering to precision engineering and clerical and administrative work.
    • The seemingly obvious answer is for IT to take its own medicine and automate these manual, largely clerical, tasks.
    • The State Department says clerical and administrative errors led to the mistake.
    • The clerical and administration workers, mostly women, are fighting to win a higher grade and improve their poverty pay.
    • Office ladies are women hired to perform relatively simple clerical and office work.
    • Given the essentially clerical nature of this task, this ought to have provided a relatively speedy system.
    • One result was to grade hospital information technology staff on administration and clerical scales.
    • In Wales, administrative and clerical support is provided by the National Assembly.
    • So last October she stripped her sales force of all its clerical duties.
    • On top, human resource and clerical duties are, more and more, being shifted onto registered nurses.
    • But when her health deteriorated, the clerical duties fell on him and he found himself struggling to cope.
    • His wife Caroline has worked as a clerical assistant just across the road at the town hall for the same time.
    • In six units midwives spent time away from clinical areas performing clerical duties.
    • However they represent more than two-thirds of clerical and staff officers.
    • Another is much younger and prefers to spend his staff budget on his press secretary and clerical help to answer the mail.
    • Those fortunate enough to have the necessary education have gone on to clerical and other white collar jobs.
    • Caymanians hold the majority of the clerical, secretarial, and lower management jobs.
    • Massively behind in her clerical work, Jordan needed help but had no time to interview a slew of applicants.