Translation of cleverly in Spanish:


hábilmente, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈklɛvərli/ /ˈklɛvəli/


  • 1

    • The action is fun for its small innovations, cleverly using the futuristic surroundings.
    • The residues are cleverly ironed onto canvas to create portraits of the artist's past encounters.
    • Administrators have cleverly prepared for the eventual demise of those high-maintenance and pretentious programs.
    • He appoints himself to train them at his mutant academy, which is cleverly disguised as a private boarding school.
    • The architects have cleverly integrated these corridors into a series of learning niches and anterooms.
    • That candle we see lighting up the actress's face is surely a real candle, not a cleverly designed candlestick with hidden light bulb.
    • The film cleverly combines light comedy with the right amount of romance.
    • The directors cleverly interweave the real people with the actors playing them.
    • His voice-over is used very cleverly to increase suspense and shocks.
    • Cleverly, she claimed to be the child of a secret affair between a high-ranking politician and a former deputy minister.