Translation of cliché in Spanish:


lugar común, n.

Pronunciation /kliˈʃeɪ/ /ˈkliːʃeɪ/


  • 1

    lugar común masculine
    cliché masculine
    tópico masculine
    • In the same way that an overused phrase inevitably becomes a cliche, a recurring joke sooner or later loses impact.
    • You have written a cliche, a worn-out metaphor.
    • And considering the lack of standard rap clichés on their demo and their seeming indifference to the mainstream, it may take awhile for the Blender to find their constituency.
    • For the same reason that reality television is popular, reality literature sells well, regardless of whether it is clotted with clichés and occasionally clumsily phrased.
    • It is one of a torrent of jargon words, phrases, clichés and bureaucratic gobbledygook that have grown to clutter our language.
    • The clichés about lack of funds will not take us anywhere as we are likely to lose even the little we have if we fail as a country to contend with fires.
    • That's a better way to keep the old cliche from turning into a phrase like ‘jumbo shrimp’ - a contradiction in terms.
    • Barnes accurately captures the cliches, lack of punctuation, and poor syntax that reveal his derivative mind.
    • I needed more than just overused cliches to pick up my sprits by then.
    • The phrase, almost a cliche in the cult of American hip-hop music, whips the crowd listening to Malaysian rap duo Too Phat into a frenzy.
    • Although a cliche, the phrase reflects the chaos and frustration of relocation.
    • The old cliches come out here, but this is a big mountain for us, and we acknowledge that.
    • And like Lewis, she serves the useful purpose of noting that myths and legends and plain old garden variety cliches are all derived from some intrinsic truth.
    • It's the old cliche that you don't think anything like that will ever happen to you - but it did.
    • But a pub in Brigg is saying ‘humbug’ to the old cliche - and hosting an early festive season in the middle of August.
    • The old cliche, ‘a game of two halves,’ describes this one between Bury and strugglers Blackpool perfectly.
    • OK, well, that's a worn-out cliche that many people use about putting the victim on trial.
    • Never has the old cliche - location, location, location - been more true.
    • It means that the old cliche about history repeating itself until its lessons are learned should be taken seriously.
    • Surely, you've heard the old cliche that the way to a guy's heart is through his stomach.