Translation of climactic in Spanish:


culminante, adj.

Pronunciation /klaɪˈmæktɪk/ /kləˈmæktɪk/ /klʌɪˈmaktɪk/


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    • She appeared in more than a few slasher movies, always the young heroine who outsmarts the killer in a climactic final chase scene.
    • And the final climactic emotional moment is cringe inducing rather than searingly moving.
    • The World Cup is one coherent drama with developing conflict, mounting tension and a climactic resolution.
    • That said, it doesn't entirely work dramatically, and the play falters as it reaches its climactic final moments.
    • Some of the best moments in the film include Napoleon's climactic dance scene that wins Pedro the high school election.
    • All of this leads the dinosaur kids on a wild adventure that culminates in a climactic confrontation on top of a volcano.
    • The fair's climactic event, the demolition derby, is drawing big crowds to the fairgrounds.
    • In another climactic event, Vronsky loses a horserace he is slated to win.
    • The downside's that after such a climactic event, there's still an hour to go.
    • The climactic event, however, consists of tying the captive condor by its feet onto the back of a bull.
    • The drama hangs on an extremely shocking climactic event and our understanding of its causes.
    • The world champions were empty after a dramatic, climactic finish that meant the trophy was shared.
    • The lead-in to the climactic scene is nothing compared to the original.
    • Likewise, walks to Calton Hill and the Water of Leith suggested climactic scenes and murder sites for various Rebus novels.
    • Troy is at its best in the climactic fight scene between Hector and Achilles, and its aftermath.
    • In one climactic scene, he is publicly and sadistically humiliated by the king.
    • To say whether she does would give away the details of a climactic scene which has to be seen to be believed.
    • This turns out not to be a casual device but, in the climactic scene, intrinsic to the film.
    • The climactic scene in which the local Mafiosi close in on the inspector is bone chilling and unforgettable.
    • The climactic action sequence is nothing like anything that occurred in the first weeks of the Normandy invasion.