Translation of climate in Spanish:


clima, n.

Pronunciation /ˈklaɪmɪt/ /ˈklʌɪmət/

Definition of clima in Spanish


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    clima masculine
    the political/intellectual/artistic climate el clima político/intelectual/artístico
    • in the current climate en la situación actual
    • During climate extremes, whether droughts or flooding rains, those on the land feel it most.
    • A monsoon climate of alternating wet and dry seasons characterizes the weather.
    • A microclimate describes the climate of a small environment such as a town, forest or garden.
    • In climates where freezing conditions occur regularly, door hardware must resist moisture penetration.
    • People will probably always find the causes and effects of the weather and climate captivating.
    • The exact dates required to generate these hours can be charted for your climate area.
    • The climate in this area is tropical to subtropical humid monsoonal.
    • The agency wants to hear from outsiders about how the migration of retirees to regions with warmer climates might cause ecological pressure.
    • Climate models for the mid-Cretaceous predicted warm humid climates for this region.
    • New urban centers tend to be located in regions with moderate climates - ie on the land more suitable for crops.
    • The climate in the Peace region can cause problems with raising your own queen bees.
    • It is most prevalent in regions of temperate climates that are highly industrialized, but rarely occurs in areas that are underdeveloped.
    • Consistently high temperatures, with no distinct dry season, characterize the climate of this region.
    • The climate is hot and sultry and the volcanic land is fertile: food falls from the forest and leaps from the sea.
    • Some species have continued to spread northwards in response to the warmer climate.
    • Forward-thinking landscape architects and designers are installing gardens that are appropriate to their regions and climates.
    • It is a weakness of this study that some of the countries defined as temperate in the questionnaire - for example, India - also contain regions with tropical climates.
    • Droughts are not abnormal phenomena; they are a normal component of contemporary climates in many regions of the world.
    • The climate of the region does not fit well into the four standard seasons of the calendar year.
    • The climate in some Eurasian regions, such as Syria and Iran, remained wet and cool.
    • Because chili peppers thrive in very warm, hot climates, equatorial regions seem to have the heaviest concentration of pungent cuisine.
    • A common example is the relatively faster rate of sugar increase in warm to hot climates compared to flavour increase and acid decrease.
    • Also known as elephant's ear, this water lover does best in warm climates; in colder regions, you can grow it indoors.
    • In recent years we hear of a number of people going for continental holidays to warm climates.
    • Many are hybrids with the Kermadec Islands variety, which in warm climates flowers continuously.
    • In hot climates, plant when temperatures begin to cool in early autumn.
    • Those living in warmer climates where the outdoor temperatures do not get low enough for good rooting can follow the same procedures.
    • As such, people from warmer climates will be spared the torture of subzero temperatures.
    • ‘Moving the animals to lower regions means the reindeer are stationary and living in hotter climates,’ Nansalmaa said.
    • Since all basils, to a greater or lesser degree, are plants of warm climates, none grows freely in more northerly regions.
    • They are distributed worldwide, particularly in warm and temperate climates.
    • For example, colder locales have warmer cabins with fireplaces and other heating options, while cabins located in warmer climates may feature swimming pools.
    • The weather has been cold and crisp so it will be nice to go to warmer climates.
    • Because coffee grows mostly in warm climates of Latin America, Africa and Asia, everyone who drinks it depends on workers from those regions to satisfy their fix.
    • Mr Jones, who paid £9,000 for the cruise and returned to his Wroughton home yesterday, was hoping a winter trip to hotter climates would help the chronic disease he suffers from.
    • Since the beginning of January I have traveled to find warmer cycling friendly climates but instead of heading due south, like most cyclists, I flew due west.
    • DNA in any stray pollen from transgenic crops will disintegrate rapidly in warm climates of Asia / Africa and Central or South America.
    • This type of chicken will also save farmers large amounts of money on ventilation to prevent the birds from overheating in hot climates, such as in the Middle East.
    • In warm or tropical climates, year-round transmission is possible.
    • ‘Isotonic and high-energy drinks will help people rehydrate in hot climates,’ the spokesman said.