Translation of climate control in Spanish:

climate control

climatizador, n.


  • 1

    (of car)
    climatizador masculine
    • Electronic climate control will come in very handy if you decide to take your Avant onto summer roads on the continent.
    • The controls on the centre column for the dual-zone climate control, DVD-Audio system, and optional GPS are well laid out and easy to locate at touch.
    • The climate control has failed (apparently bits of metal have got into the condenser) and my dealer has given me a quote of £2,000 for a new system.
    • Luxury climate control, which gives separate temperature settings for the front seat occupants, is a £410 upgrade.
    • Rear parking sensors also come with the package and the dual-zone climate control is rapidly becoming a must-have.
    • Judging from the now rapidly dropping cabin temperature, her climate control had been damaged.
    • Further climate control is added by the generous limestone strip that surrounds the oak floor of the big room.
    • Two climate control variables included are ‘central air’ for central air conditioning, and ‘hot w heating’ for hot water heating.
    • There is a cold detachment among the passengers that has got nothing to do with the climate control features of the bogie.
    • On such excursions, the chilled can holders will prove a literally refreshing idea, as will the electronic set-and-forget climate control.
    • The city has pioneered the use of electronic selling and complete climate control, and now uses some of the most up-to-date technology in the world.
    • Other options available include heated front seats, electronic climate control and high pressure headlight washers.
    • You'll find climate control, alloys, electric windows and emergency brake assist as standard, even on the base models.
    • All 1999 cars should have air-conditioning or climate control as standard.
    • On top of each pyramid is a lantern that both brings light to the central stair of the pavilion and acts as a climate control mechanism.
    • You've chosen your location, assembled your greenhouse, and fine-tuned your climate control skills - now it's time to plant something!
    • Fumes from cleansers, mildews, molds and other toxins are continually recycled back to us in our climate control systems.
    • She did nothing but speak out against the climate control bill.
    • However extras including a flawless climate control system brought the price up to a hefty £43,918.
    • As well as being load-bearing, the piers are part of an elaborate climate control system.
  • 2

    (of the environment)
    control del clima masculine
  • 3

    (of micro-environment)
    climatización feminine