Traducción de clinch en español:


cerrar, v.

Pronunciación /klɪn(t)ʃ/

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verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (deal) cerrar
    (election) ganar
    (series/title) ganar
    (series/title) hacerse con
    this clinched the argument esto resolvió la discusión de forma contundente
    • After some haggling I clinched the bargain and drove away.
    • After much examination and a few rounds of long meadow, the bargain was clinched for £120 pounds.
    • Analysts say the Lockheed design may have clinched the contract for the company.
    • Admittedly, there's something deeply and darkly satisfying about clinching a bargain, and it brings out the worst in people.
    • According to the Guardian, ‘Ministers have been pressing India behind the scenes to clinch the contract’.
    • Some firms have recently managed to clinch contracts in Angola.
    • Around one-and-a-half million tenancy agreements are clinched each year worth nearly 6 billion and the OFT is determined these contracts must be fair.
    • She clinched the agreement after writing a hit Star Wars novel last year.
    • A Saltaire artist who is celebrating his gallery's first anniversary is painting his way to further success after clinching two contracts.
    • Business strategists from Bolton have clinched themselves another valuable contract.
    • He insisted there was strong business logic for clinching a deal with the Chinese company.
    • There was also a negotiation game which equipped the students with skills necessary to clinch important business deals.
    • In March the company inked a deal with BMW and, more recently, clinched a Ford contract.
    • You clinch business deals and gain in financial transactions.
    • And we're close I think to clinching a similar agreement on household products.
    • EDS has clinched a contract worth up to $9 billion to supply the US Navy and Marine Corps with a single, seamless network.
    • A Calverley vehicle leasing company has clinched multi-million-pound deals with three new clients.
    • Weeks later it was grudgingly confirmed that the firm had clinched the £32m deal.
    • The deal was clinched after a recent tour of Zambia by a German business delegation.
    • A rival firm clinched the business by promising £160,000, equating to a 15% rise in just two months.
    • The winning golden goal to clinch the match 2-1 in extra time was scored by Ahn Jung-hwan, who plays for Italian team Perugia.
    • Then nippy forward Julianne O'Connell struck with a great goal which clinched victory for her team and a place in the final.
    • Mobbed by joyous teammates, this goal clinched victory for Ilkley from the jaws of defeat.
    • The St. Louis Cardinals became the first major league team to clinch a playoff spot this season, winning the NL Central for the third time in five seasons.
    • Gloucester scraped home in one of the most amazing finishes in years at Kingsholm but only clinched their semi-final victory in the 85th minute with a gift try.
    • In his last five regular-season games, he record nine goals and an assist to help clinch the top playoff seed for the Fusion.
    • Warrington finally clinched victory with a goal five minutes from time.
    • Then there was the goal which clinched victory at Ibrox three years ago to send Rangers tumbling out of the Uefa Cup.
    • Instead, she buckled and Davenport fought back to square the match, going on to clinch victory in the decider.
    • So when Mark Hensby tapped in his par putt on the second playoff hole to clinch his victory at the Deere, he also earned a spot at Royal Troon.
    • Needing just one win to clinch the last playoff spot, the C's have now lost three straight.
    • Their double victory over Yorvik clinched the title, and both teams will play second division netball next season.
    • The Cardinals, who lost to the Boston Red Sox in the World Series last year, are the first team to clinch a playoff berth this season.
    • She also scored in a 3-1 victory over Fulham that clinched the league title ahead of Charlton.
    • The country also clinched the team championship despite stiff opposition from Vietnam and Myanmar.
    • Heworth were unable to score the 12 runs needed for victory as Easingwold clinched the title with an advantage draw.
    • In extra time the red and green and gold men clinched victory and qualified to meet Meath in their second successive final against the Royals.
    • The Charlton boss was critical of his attacking players who he said frittered away a string of chances to clinch all three points.
    • By the final whistle, Celtic were two wins away from clinching the piece of silverware that really matters.
    • Ballintubber must have regrets about not clinching this game when on top and dictating matters for two thirds of the game.
  • 2

    (nail) remachar
    • After the shoe is nailed on, bring the foot out in front of the horse and put it on a stand or on your knee so you can clinch the nail.
    • To clinch the nail, it is necessary to hold a heavy metal block against the rib and drive the nail home against this.

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (in boxing)
    enredarse en un clinch
    • He would stay close enough to always clinch as soon as Rahman set to punch.
    • By clinching with Frazier, Ali prevented further damage.
    • Heavyweights throw like one-two-three punches and grab and clinch and grab and clinch.
    • Branco rocked Gatti with a big shot and the battle moved into the ropes as Gatti clinched.
    • Any good striking fighter will tell you that it is virtually impossible to keep a worthy opponent from clinching with the other fighter.
  • 2EEUU

    (assure victory)


  • 1

    (in boxing)
    clinch masculino
    • He looked like he was losing that fight from the way I remember it, slipping to the canvas several times out of clinches.
    • Neither guy tried to make a war out of it and just practiced their moves and showed their professionalism in the clinches.
    • Ortega's best work through the middle of the bout came from manhandling his opponent in clinches.
    • She'd felt bulky stirrings against her belly, and had barely broken the clinch in time to spare his dignity.
    • Smoger checked both men when they came out of a clinch in the eighth round rubbing their heads.
  • 2coloquial

    abrazo masculino
    achuchón masculino España coloquial
    apercolle masculino Colombia coloquial
    apapacho masculino México coloquial
    • Audiences were engrossed by Gilbert and Garbo's off-screen romance after seeing their passionate clinches in The Flesh and the Devil.
    • It would have to be Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr rolling in a passionate clinch on the wet sand in From Here To Eternity.
    • In fact, Derek and his terrified party hadn't stumbled on a poltergeist, but a couple in a passionate clinch who hadn't heard the ghoul-hunting crowd creep up on them.
    • And the term ‘added red’ is placed next to an amorous pair about to go into a clinch.
    • Everyone in the lobby grabbed me for at least a so-so passion-intensive clinch.
    • She has branded allegations that she enjoyed a steamy clinch with a married man as totally ‘false and salacious’.