Translation of cling in Spanish:


Pronunciation /klɪŋ/

intransitive verb clung, clung

  • 1

    • 1.1(hold fast)

      to cling to sth/sb estar aferrado a algo/algn

      • he was clinging (on) to his mother's skirt
      • she still clings to that hope/belief
      • they managed to cling on to the title
      • the boy clung on to her hand
      • they clung together on the raft
      • Still the stain clings, sticks fast like the smell of sin.
      • The clothes clung closely to her slender body, lending her the uneasy feeling of exposure.
      • Like all other Indian restaurants I've been to, its interior decor clings closely to Indian culture.
      • Here was no mere embattled tribe clinging hard to existence, but a great and glorious empire.
      • The new government should not cling too closely to the economic performance of the country during its first year.
      • His black button-down shirt clung gently to his hard chest, and I could automatically tell that he was completely ripped.
      • Slowly, his wings came back onto his body and clung closely against his back, letting it sink in.
      • As well, a light solid green kimono hung loosely on her body as a large blue waistband clung firmly to her body.
      • Waters of affliction cannot quench love - it only grows stronger and clings more firmly to its object.
      • Standing in front of me, dark hair wet and clinging, clothes completely saturated, he was breathing hard, looking incredulous.
      • She was wearing a teal green dress, sleeveless, and cut in a deep ‘V’ at the bustline, made of a fabric that clung tightly to her body.
      • The miniscule scraps of wet fabric clung desperately to her as she stepped onto the deck.
      • The smoke seemed to cling tenaciously to Erul, as he hacked and coughed.
      • Silk and artificial fabrics can cling, restricting airflow and causing you to sweat more.
      • She continued walking, ignoring her hair plastered to her face, the way her clothes clung uncomfortably to her body.
      • My hair was drenched and plastered to the sides of my face, and my sopping clothes clung tightly to my shivering body.
      • A couple gave him an odd look at the sagging clothes that clung desperately to his drenched body.
      • In that case, they would have to go back outside; he was cold and the fat snowflakes were clinging damply to his clothes and hair.
      • Every couple of kilometres we passed hill villages, closely packed mazes of flat-roofed mud buildings clinging like beehives to the steep valley walls.
      • Her hair clung to her face as she stood on her balcony watching the rain fall around her.
      • Call me paranoid, but I've been clinging on tightly to my handbags ever since.
      • She didn't say anything, she just clung to him tightly and he pulled her through the water.
      • Suddenly, Nimue put her arms around her and clung to her tightly as if she never wanted to let her go.
      • I let go of her even though she clung on tightly to me.
      • I clung on tightly to my seven weights while others dropped their three.
      • The rowers clung on tightly to their yellow bladed oars.
      • Don't think of how tightly Lee clings to his power, that is not the real worry.
      • Katrina went to him, wrapped her arms around his waist as tightly as a monkey clinging to a branch.
      • Instead, she grabs my hand, interlinking her fingers with mine and clinging on so tightly that I can feel the pulse in her cool fingertips.
      • I lowered myself over the edge, and clinging on tightly with my feet, began to lower myself into the gloom.
      • Lidiah's hand caught onto something and she clung on tight whilst squeezing her eyes shut.
      • She looks broken, like she needs to be put back together, and she clings to the boy next to her.
      • She clung on like a leech, her fingers tightly gripping his shoulders, and Ben could clearly hear her heart beating as well as his own.
      • It was freezing, and Miel clung on to his hand so tightly, he thought it'd break.
      • Celinda was thankful for the rescue and clung on to him tightly.
      • He clung on to the staff as tightly as he could, and the combined force of the Crayleks yanked him off his feet.
      • Peterhead clings to its harbour like a man overboard grips a lifebuoy.
      • Its activists have clung to the sides of oil tankers to make a point.
      • He wished upon a star, clung to his dream, and in the end it happened: he was asked to join the Rolling Stones.
      • Five years on, she was driven out of the office that she had clung to.

    • 1.2 derogatory (be dependent)

      to cling to sb pegársele a algn
      • ‘I missed you too, but don't cling child,’ advised her grandma, ‘who's your friend?’
      • If they have to cope with the loss of their friends, teachers and even parents, they will cling physically and emotionally to the remaining adults and carers in their lives.
      • So it was to their mother, Margaret Marie Bragg, that the Bragg boys clung for emotional and physical nurturing.
      • She must cling still closer to him, echo faithfully his individuality, lose herself in him.
      • I would cling closely to my mother and beg to go home if we encountered a sixties-era bohemian in the grocery store.

  • 2

    to cling (to sth) pegarse / adherirse (a algo)