Translation of cloak in Spanish:


capa, n.

Pronunciation /kloʊk/ /kləʊk/

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    capa feminine
    under a cloak of secrecy bajo un manto / un velo de secreto
    • under the cloak of respectability bajo una capa de respetabilidad
    • No, they are not animals, they are evil demons who hide under the cloak of kindness and normality while they hatch their plots.
    • By opening up the doors it will help us to hold ministers to account, and make it more difficult for them to hide behind the cloak of secrecy.
    • If you are telling me we are hiding under the cloak of Parliament, you are telling me that we should have no laws.
    • The result is that error cannot be acknowledged and must thus be hidden under the cloak of the papal claim.
    • They wait for the new moon and then, under the cloak of darkness, they cross the ‘wall of mouths’ to settle on a reef.
    • And we would also see trivial or mischievous claims being pursued, under the cloak of anonymity.
    • They might be saying little in public but under the cloak of anonymity plenty of harsh words are being uttered.
    • The cloak of secrecy that is being thrown around the military and intelligence offensive is another related cause for worry.
    • He did testify about the cloak of secrecy regarding the health of justices, but not about his own condition.
    • Upon returning from any expedition, pochteca always enter the city under the cloak of darkness.
    • Under the cloak of darkness, they can slip into a cocoon of overhanging foliage.
    • If the cloak of secrecy is ever lifted from this dirty affair, there are some obvious questions.
    • A government espousing this view wraps the cloak of secrecy around itself.
    • They wished to hide behind the cloak of something invisible, to conceal the vacuity of their tall stories.
    • None of this explains the cloak of secrecy the FBI has thrown over the whole affair.
    • It was a land of nothing, a land hidden behind cloaks of mist, and where noise was but a wisp of a dream that flitted through the mind.
    • A value-judgement is therefore implicit in the use of this method, though disguised under a cloak of objectivity.
    • There are people who take action and people who stay hidden behind a cloak of anonymity.
    • He was playing to their lusts and desires, disguised in a cloak of religion.

transitive verb

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    (purpose/activities) encubrir
    to be cloaked in sth estar envuelto en algo
    • The bigger the game, the more the sense of invulnerability with which the man from Waikato cloaks himself.
    • The truck wends its way through kilometres of pine and eucalyptus; areas that were once cloaked in native bush.
    • When we first met Govindan - at a recent photo expo in the city - he was cloaked in antiquity.
    • He cloaked his Wimbledon absence in the need for a rest but the Brazilian had long ago made his feelings known.
    • Last Thursday, as the rest of eastern Scotland was cloaked in mist, the sun shone on Banff and Duff House.
    • Others are cloaked in vegetation so dense that it is impossible to see the stone beneath.
    • Letting mercenaries cloak themselves as contractors opens up just such possibilities.
    • Personally, victimhood isn't something I look to cloak myself in.
    • But these reactionary ideas find it necessary to cloak themselves in the language of science to gain legitimacy.
    • Since that time nearly every military effort has had to cloak itself in some lofty universal principal.
    • Suddenly Suzie and Matt's mother appeared beside the coffin cloaked in black sadness.
    • Completely cloaked in the black of the night, his face was no more than shadows to me.
    • It cloaks you with the powers of the AAT Act unless they are modified in a particular respect by the Taxation Administration Act.
    • Today, an eerie silence cloaks the Carlton Hotel, which was closed and mothballed in 1997.
    • But when it is good, it is really good, cloaking itself in a blanket of lavender’.
    • A half century after the raids and radiation this country was reborn, cloaking itself in sci-fi elegance, in tinted glass and robot façades.
    • The heavens are already dark, cloaking her in its shadows.
    • While cloaking itself in the language of economics, it is in fact anti-economic, anti-modern and regressive.
    • The shadows suddenly engulfed the man, cloaking him from Gabriel's vision.
    • She left, her easy steps cloaking frustration Aylmer knew was there anyway.