There are 2 main translations of clobber in Spanish

: clobber1clobber2


darle una paliza a, v.

Pronunciation /ˈklɑbər/ /ˈklɒbə/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (hit, batter)
    darle una paliza a
    cascar informal
    I'll clobber you! ¡te voy a cascar! informal
    • the report clobbers the TV companies el informe les da duro a las compañías de televisión
    • Yet they were clobbered, suffering their worst defeat.
    • So, no big deal, Carlow defeated the all-Ireland champions in the same competition a few seasons back, and clobbered Dublin too.
    • There, when one side clobbers the other, the response is clobber back.
    • The hard lesson here is to fly your own flight even when you ‘know’ the lead gaggle is up ahead and clobbering you.
    • I don't remember the topic (they are, after all, mostly interchangeable), but I clobbered her.
    • And there was Bobby himself, who, however, gave it up when he got clobbered by oldies thirty years his senior.
    • In that start at Belmont Park, she clobbered eight rivals to win by 8 ¼ lengths.
    • Mike won a closer-than-expected victory for governor and Janet was clobbered in her race.
    • He didn't want to miss a minute of his favorite team getting clobbered by the enemy.
    • During the fifteen minute game I clobbered my dad with the video version of himself, leaving us in near silence.
    • ‘That's the series that clobbered me,’ Brett said.
    • I clobbered him with the butt of my cutlass and in no time had the respect of the toughest men in the establishment.
    • But obviously any impatient pedestrian stepping out immediately on getting a green man only has himself to blame if he's clobbered.
    • Yes - and before we get clobbered by someone in a koala outfit - we know that's exactly what the big boys do.
    • So while her husband wrestled with the man, who threatened to pull a knife on the pair, Mrs Harfield clobbered him with the handle.
    • A far more likely disaster would be a staff member being clobbered by a chimp, intentionally or not.
    • You never know what might be coming to clobber you.
    • Mrs. Joe is Pip's sister, who raises Pip with a heavy hand and is a generally unpleasant woman until a mysterious intruder clobbers her with an iron shackle.
    • ‘You are this close to making me run over to the White House and clobbering you,’ she warned.
    • She felt like clobbering him and screaming at him that she had done nothing but walk since she had gotten stuck in this stupid world.
    • Erik glared at Death, but managed to restrain himself from clobbering him.
    • Someone clobbered me from behind - found out it was Buddy.
    • This time she just sidestepped away from him, and when he'd missed her, she clobbered him from the back with a metal folding chair she'd found nearby.
    • She clobbered me in another hug, and I gave myself another kick.
    • Shakarr tore the beam off and clobbered her over the head with it.
    • Though it did feel extremely warm for the brief seconds it had been there I grabbed it off of my thighs and clobbered him in the arm.
    • She clobbered him with a variety of items, mostly pillows from the round bed, all but forcing him out the room.
    • Dawn had to leap away because if she hadn't Rachel would've clobbered her again.
    • If Mac ever learns of this, he is going to clobber me.
    • The first thing that Coach did when we entered the huddle was clobber Zeke in a huge bear hug.
    • Most people would do one of two things: leave, or grab a baseball bat and clobber whatever it was that wasn't supposed to be there.
  • 2

    (defeat heavily)
    (team) darle una paliza a informal
    they were clobbered 5-0 les dieron una paliza: perdieron 5 a 0

There are 2 main translations of clobber in Spanish

: clobber1clobber2


bártulos, n.


  • 1

    bártulos masculine informal
    cacharpas feminine River Plate informal
    • When you've gone to all the trouble of getting dressed up in your best clobber, it's so undignified.
    • And let's face it, the Sally Army are probably the only folk on the planet who would gratefully accept clobber from the flamboyantly dressed Swede.
    • And for the occasion the men are given cash to buy some new clobber for the girls, so that they can show them off at their best - they even get to pick the hairdos.
    • The choice of clobber has a practical benefit though.
    • But when Owen gets all his old clobber out of storage and summons a barber to his hotel room to spruce him up, it shows how great he would be as 007.
    • She characterises girls in traditional clobber as ‘wanting to go to school dressed in a sleeping bag’.
    • But thanks to our increasing visual sophistication, pretty models and natty clobber is not nearly enough.
    • The family-run emporium is a Mecca for bargain hunters keen to load up on deeply discounted designer clobber.
    • The boys wore the standard fan clobber of polo shirts and England strips and draped themselves in flags and beer.
    • We spend hours preening and dressing in fashionable clobber, and still look like a tired old sack of spuds.
    • But why shouldn't a teacher aspire to the latest designer clobber like everyone else?
    • When he gets home, he buys himself a new flat and a Porsche, splashes out on new clobber and heads at midday to the boozer.
    • And so it went, until all players were seated in the rooms in their street clobber.
    • If women don't buy their winter clobber in late August, they won't buy it at all.
    • On Monday night, they can put on their best clobber and eat at one of the hotel's two restaurants.
    • Take the example of a normal worker whose teenage kids want the latest branded clobber.
    • But how else to get to Brittany with all the clobber required for a baby of six months and a two-year-old?
    • You will probably see a lot of young people going around in the clobber of the time, some of which, is now back in fashion.
    • Oh to be a Modern Urbanist - this is the kind of person who'll probably wearing the Levi's / Philips clobber.
    • Well, it's not like I needed to worry about trying to wash things and keep them clean; not with all the new clobber I had.