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reloj, n.

Pronunciación /klɑk/ /klɒk/

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    reloj masculino
    • He watched the ticking on his bedside clock until the minute hand felt more like the hour hand.
    • I rolled over and looked at the digital alarm clock on my bedside table.
    • I glanced at the digital alarm clock by my bed.
    • He checked the cuckoo clock on the wall for the time and it was only nine twenty-five.
    • She hears the grandfather clock chiming, but when she looks at it, it is running backwards.
    • Looking to the antique grandfather clock in the hallway, I raised a brow.
    • Decker checked her antique clock on her desk.
    • Adel and Doug entered the house just as the large grandfather clock struck twelve.
    • Katrina reached across the bed and turned the clock on the nightstand.
    • Darryn's anxiety increased as he watched the ticking clock, wondering where Kara was.
    • Soon, Alyssa was pacing around the large room, looking at the antique cuckoo clock every few minutes.
    • Some people find that a ticking clock in the room helps.
    • Melatonin resets the body clock to synchronize metabolic functions with times of activity and rest.
    • He is watching the clock strike the last minute of his tenure at the company.
    • A good example of a no UI solution is setting the clock on a VCR.
    • She slipped her arms into the sleeves as the clock chimed the three-quarter hour.
    • The clock on the mantelpiece shows the time to be 11 am.
    • As soon as darkness was complete, Olivia looked to the clock beside her bed.
    • I looked at the clock on the VCR and rubbed the end of my eye.
    • Sighing, I glanced out the door to the clock on my bedside table.
  • 2also time clock

    reloj registrador masculino
    reloj checador masculino México
  • 3coloquial

    cuentakilómetros masculino
    (speedometer) velocímetro masculino
    (speedometer) espidómetro masculino Colombia
    it's only got 10,000 on the clock solo ha hecho 10.000 millas
    • I have a great 1995 Mercedes with just 115,000 on the clock.
    • Firstly, most comparable cars seen in Namibia had over 180 000 km on the clock.
    • I knew that I wanted a smallish 2004 automatic model with as few as possible kilometres on the clock.
    • Generally there is no point with diesels as the power dies long before 4,000 rpm is on the clock.
    • Mud had been splattered across the front and on the roof, while between 40 and 60 extra miles had been put on the clock, they alleged.
    • Be wary, as a 120,000-mile example would be showing just 20,000 on the clock.
    • It had 184,000 miles on the clock when we set off and it's over 3,000 miles to Barcelona, but so far it's doing fine.
    • You remembered the extra 50 miles that every away loss puts on the clock going home.
    • They will do the Plymouth to Dakar Challenge driving in their £70 Volvo car, which the pair purchased in Sweden with 230,000 miles on the clock.
    • Remarkably it had only one owner and came with 70,000 miles on the clock.
    • It's a 2000 automatic with 60,000 miles on the clock.
    • The Escort came back with 254 miles on the clock.
    • Mr O'Brien was also advertising his top-of-the-range Rover 75 which had only 4,000 miles on the clock.
    • But his favourite motor is the Ford Popular he keeps in pristine condition with just 48,000 miles on the clock.
    • His Hyundai Accent car was returned to Madrid airport on 18 July with some 1,250 miles on the clock.
    • But, given the luxury of her Jag, with just 1,000 miles on the clock, she wasn't too concerned.
    • Ten minutes into the return journey, with only 360 miles on the clock, the engine started misfiring badly.
    • Now, despite having two million miles on the clock, it takes Doug and his wife Glynis all over the country to shows.
    • Such a worn interior in a BMW with just 77,000 miles on the clock seemed highly unlikely.
    • Consider a two-year-old for €30,000, with less than 10,000 on the clock - they're not hard to find.
  • 4coloquial

    (in taxi)
    taxímetro masculino

verbo transitivo

  • 1coloquial

    • 1.1(achieve, reach)

      (speed/time) registrar
      (speed/time) hacer
      she clocked the fastest time registró / hizo el mejor tiempo
      • we clocked 130 downhill registramos / alcanzamos 130 en bajada
      • I clock 500 miles a week hago 500 millas por semana
      • This means that the memory in E7205-based mainboards is clocked at the rate equal to the FSB frequency.
      • Monitoring of the A590 has clocked cars, motorbikes and vans going more than 100 mph.
      • The camera clocked the car at 51 mph and at 44 mph.
      • He pulled me over after clocking my speed at 110 mph.
      • Halo clocked our ground speed at over a hundred miles an hour.
      • Police even brought in a spotter plane to clock the speeds of bikers, but it failed to deter them.
      • A friend of mine who owns a stolen radar gun once clocked my typing speed at roughly 120 words per minute.
      • The England star was clocked speeding at an average of 92 mph on the M1, Leeds Magistrates Court was told.
      • A number of bikers were also reported for speeding with one clocked doing 96 mph.
      • Ten of those caught face a court appearance, mostly because they were clocked doing excessively high speeds.
      • Some individuals have been clocked at speeds of up to two and a half knots - useful if you want to pursue fish.
      • It has been clocked at speeds of up to 20 miles an hour (32 kilometers an hour) and can probably swim even faster than that.
      • At one point on the straight kilometre course a speed gun clocks how fast you are going.
      • His fastball was clocked as high as 95 mph in the eighth inning.
      • A number of bikers were also reported for speeding with one clocked doing 96 mph.
      • I heard that someone was clocked doing 87 mph down here once.
      • His fastball is clocked at 96 mph, and he has a good slider.
      • He said I was clocked doing 45 in a 30 mph zone.
      • One rider was clocked travelling at over 90 mph.

    • 1.2(time)

      (athlete/race) cronometrar
      • In a recent test, the prototype clocked a maximum speed of 193 mph, earning it the title of world's fastest EV limousine.
      • Despite rain-slickened roads, they clocked an average speed of 53.71 kph - the third fastest ever.
      • Having clocked a speed of just over 240 miles per hour, this car still holds the record as the fastest production car ever.
      • Of course, there is no question that Bannister ran the full distance and clocked the historic 3min 59.4sec.
      • Hovercrafters can swiftly clock up speeds of around 80 mph.
      • I very much doubt if any midfielder in the country clocked up the mileage the Curry man did on Sunday.
      • Over 51 hours of community work was clocked up for the local koalas.
      • SMART - 1 clocked up 332 orbits around Earth, so that the distance it travelled was rather further than the 380,000 linear km to the moon.
      • In the 1988 Olympic final, Johnson beat Lewis, clocking a new world record of 9.79 seconds.
      • Together, they clocked an average growth rate of 6.1% in 2002.
      • After clocking up 10,000 miles, it still sounds as smooth as the day I first drove it.
      • Crawford clocked 20.31 secs, with Gatlin eight one hundredths of a second back.
      • The 23-year-old rider from Hitchin clocked 34.626 seconds on her Olympic debut.
      • I took to running, clocking respectable times in 10K's and half marathons.
      • Clocking up a total of 60 miles it was a well worthwhile drive.
      • He was a prolific scorer from the first day out and he clocked up some unbelievable scoring totals.
      • Can you savour the South American experience without clocking up monstrous mileage?
      • I'd clocked more than 200 miles and my forearms were feeling the strain.
      • They have gained awards after clocking up more than 200 hours of voluntary activity.
      • After already clocking 120 points, they are relishing the prospect of the Boxing Day derby with Swinton.

  • 2Britanico coloquial

    I nearly clocked him one casi le doy una coloquial