Traducción de clog en Español:


zueco, n.

Pronunciación /klɑɡ/ /klɔɡ/ /klɒɡ/

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    zueco masculino

verbo transitivo clogging, clogged, clogged

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    (pipe/sink/filter) obstruir
    (pipe/sink/filter) atascar
    (wheels) atascar
    • The surface was like a thick clay which clogged up the tyre treads, turning them into slicks.
    • Within a few days, the heaviest rain for 30 years had turned the soil into a quagmire, producing thick mud that clogged up rifles and immobilised tanks.
    • The particulate matter in the rain water that ran off the roof clogged up my water filter, but otherwise this scare caused no damage.
    • When you finally get your turn in the bathroom, are you met with towels thrown on the floor and the toilet clogged up with reams of toilet roll?
    • He's just back from a fortnight in the city and is suffering from little more than clogged up sinuses.
    • A pump blockage in the existing system had caused the problem after clogged up waste poured out of an emergency outflow pipe.
    • It clogged up his throat and his chest and made his head ache.
    • The float valve in the brine tank (inside plastic pipe) also can get clogged up with salt residue.
    • Kevin's Kurdish driver, Adnan, had raced his engine and clogged up the carburetor of his Nissan.
    • The dust kicked up in her face blinded her and clogged up her throat.
    • Do you fear that you'll be clogged up with lots of very, very minor disputes, where people should be able to sort them out themselves?
    • The buildup traps oil under skin, leading to more clogged pores and breakouts.
    • At the outset, a solution to Bangalore's clogging drains can't be that simplistic.
    • And our attitude to debris and litter, clogging up drains, needs to change.
    • The chief told me that both the primary and the safety pressure regulators were clogged with debris.
    • Whenever rains are heavy, the drain gets clogged with debris.

verbo intransitivo clogging, clogged, clogged

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    (pipe) obstruirse
    (pipe) atascarse
    (wheel) atascarse