Translation of cloister in Spanish:


claustro, n.

Pronunciation /ˈklɔɪstər/ /ˈklɔɪstə/


  • 1

    claustro masculine
    • In Carthusian houses the individual cells occupied by members of the community open from the cloister walk.
    • A trumpet sounded through the sun-bathed cloisters of Manchester Cathedral after the coffin of Stephen Oake was borne in by six pall-bearers yesterday.
    • Hundreds of us occupied the cathedral cloisters and held a short rally.
    • There is a small archaeological museum in the cloisters of the cathedral.
    • The courtyard is surrounded on three sides by columned cloisters with galleries of majestic arches.
    • It seemed that overnight they arrived, set up an office in the Cathedral cloisters, and sent out a troop of black-plumed guards to bring me to their head official.
    • The mosque originally consisted of a rectangular court 43.2 m by 33 m, enclosed by colonnaded cloisters.
    • Cain walked down the winding cloisters towards the prison cells and thought of the misery surrounding him now.
    • Maithris looked up at the question, then back to trailing a finger along the slender cast-iron columns fronting the cloister as we walked.
    • ‘It used to be like an open cloister but the archways were closed in,’ explained Mr Purslow.
    • The same serrated silhouette rounds off the long workshop volume on the opposite side of the cloister.
    • We emerged from a doorway into a cloister surrounding a huge open field: the very core of the Citadel.
    • Luca Signorelli started the decorative scheme with nine lunettes on the west side of the cloister.
    • Sitting rooms lead off a wide, airy corridor, like a convent cloister, where light floods in.
    • As they entered the north-east transept from the cloister, the tumult of the knights' party caused the monks in the choir to stop singing vespers.
    • Danti's design of the monastery cloisters was particularly fine.
    • Dubrovnik contains wonderful monasteries with peaceful cloisters and fine artworks.
    • Italian influences are discernible in the wall paintings in the cloister of the Emmaus monastery.
    • The cloisters and gardens are also open with the Fox Talbot Museum between February 26 and April 1.
    • The many arches of the cloisters sprawled outward from the tower casting long irregular shadows in the early morning light.
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    claustro masculine
    • Sometimes Behrens recalls these stories from the vantage point of the monastic cloister.
    • The setting is revolutionary France and a cloister of Carmelite nuns.
    • There were many famous cloisters in Byzantium where such women placed themselves at the service of society as a whole.
    • Many significant people, scholars and nonscholars, enrich the Orthodox cloisters.
    • And you can buy your vegetables from a local market spread out below 13 th-century Franciscan cloisters.
    • Virtue is not tested in the cloister or the monastery or the nunnery.
    • Properly she should now retreat to the blessed silence of the cloister whence she strayed into the pulpit.
    • The opera follows the destiny of Blanche de la Force as she enters the cloister at Compiegne, painting a portrait in sound of the humble, neurotic heroine.
    • Often the cloister was the only refuge for women who wanted to pursue learning and be active in scholarly life.
    • Sirens, the most common hybrids to be included in Romanesque sculpture, appear frequently in the context of the monastic cloister.
    • Before, books and maps were produced and copied by monks in cloisters.
    • Even though government had formally dispersed monks in cloisters, clerks and canons regular survived after unification.
    • She who had abandoned the world outside the cloister walls found the microcosm of the community within too large.
    • He was born at York and educated in the cloister school there under Archbishop Egbert.
    • The very texts that the monks were reading in the cloister were often decorated with a similar repertoire of disturbing creatures.
    • Henket solved the problem with one bold basic move: creating a glass and metal bridge at first floor level along the north side of the cloister.
    • There are ways among the stone and shadow of our cloisters to transgress the Rule.
    • In turn, this plan was copied and adopted in cloisters and monasteries throughout Europe.
    • Traditional Cambridge colleges, modelled on monastic cloisters, consist of courts surrounded by walls of individual rooms.
    • Pagodas and Buddhist cloisters are another landmark of Yunnan.
    • Jedidah, before you commit yourself to the cloisters, we want to give you a choice.
    • When we meet Jesus in the medieval West, it is, in these and other ways, most often as the Christ of the cloisters.
    • This embrace of the mystical dimension of faith does not require withdrawal to the cloister or a privatized Christianity.
    • In other words, this is not a matter of supporting the cloister against the school, advocating lectio divina while rejecting ordered learning and disputation.
    • Thomas Merton described in a letter to Dorothy Day the movement of his spirit from the cloister to the world.
    • They can simply say something such as ‘I am of the Cloister, and my cloister is of deep seclusion.’

transitive verb

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    he's been cloistered away all day ha estado encerrado / enclaustrado todo el día
    • he cloisters himself (away) with his books se encierra / se enclaustra con sus libros