Translation of cloistered in Spanish:


enclaustrado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈklɔɪstərd/ /ˈklɔɪstəd/

See Spanish definition of limitado


  • 1

    (courtyard/walk/garden) enclaustrado
    • The cloistered walkways of Cambridge Crematorium are dotted with granite plaques bearing the names of the dear departed.
    • A cloistered walkway cloaked in blackness ran around the periphery of the ground floor of the atrium.
    • You walk along airy, cloistered corridors decorated with huge paintings to reach the Monasterio's 100 plus rooms and almost 20 suites.
    • The names don't sing of cloistered halls and port wine the way Alistair does.
    • It has three main parts: the low density burial area; an individual ossuary tower; and a cloistered ossuary and store for cinerary remains.
    • The hymn-anthem, incorporating a popular hymn tune or carol, was one product of the expansion of anthem singing beyond the cloistered cathedral setting.
  • 2

    (outlook) limitado
    he had led a cloistered existence había vivido muy enclaustrado
    • In the larger world outside the cloistered environs of Cambridge academia, the ever-shifting kaleidoscope of life was shaken yet again.
    • But sound artist Francisco Lopez is no cloistered academic, folks, no matter how many big words he tosses around.
    • Understanding something such as a random act of violence is difficult for Gerald, because of his cloistered upbringing.
    • I am saying to him that he should stay in his cloistered, academic gown, hopelessly out of touch with the real economy.
    • This failure to meet publication dates highlights the problem of cloistered academics.
    • But these letters aside, Brick Lane is a cloistered domestic drama, unperturbed by the outside world.
    • As this cloistered, claustrophobic existence begins to give way to outside pressure, the pathos of Lamb and Doggo's stories is made pitifully real.
    • Eventually their cloistered world is interrupted when the violence outside literally comes crashing in, forcing them to face the truth of their convictions.
    • More than 25 years ago, Koestenbaum traded the cloistered halls of academia for the front lines of the global economy.
    • When it was time to leave the cloistered halls of academia and put all her knowledge to use, she chose to come to Pattaya to work.
    • How could they contribute to society without leaving the cloistered surroundings of the academy?
    • After the cloistered halls of academia came the kitchens of the Forte Group in the UK.
    • However, I learned a lot in my cloistered state.
    • ‘Tibet was cloistered away from the effects of modernity right up until the 1950s,’ says Harris.
    • It was an artificial and cloistered existence.
    • Those in their 40s, 50s and 60s have only Jungian flash-memories of our elders' inhibited and cloistered past.
    • Walker was talking about racism of a type I don't think we've ever experienced in our cloistered little corner of the South-west Pacific.
    • For the two founders, who prided themselves on being well-informed, it would be a harsh lesson in the dangers of being too clever and too cloistered.
    • It is by no means an entirely cloistered existence.
    • Enough with your slightly cloistered existence and cheap catnip toys.