Traducción de close-in en español:


de cerca, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈkloʊsɪn/


  • 1

    (from a short distance)
    (photography/shot) de cerca
    • First it's a very convincing impression for the close-in shot, telling the camera just how pretty he is.
    • In the late 1920's, as players began a gradual improvement in shooting and dribbling skills, the pass to get the close-in shot became less important.
    • The zone players should permit outside shots but prevent penetration and close-in shots, all the while maintaining a defensive rebounding position.
    • Deer hunters who hunt with a scoped rifle often miss close-in shots because they cannot acquire the animal quickly in the scope, and there are no open sights under the scope.
    • Basically, what he has concluded is that softer, cheaper shot is perfectly adequate for close-in bird shooting.
    • He was far more dangerous in front of goal and the decision to withdraw him with 20 minutes to play may have had consequences as the team needed goals from late, close-in frees.
    • But he continued to engage Tyson in several close-in battles, trading punches with the former champion for most of the round.
    • There's a very intense close-in focus very early in the novel on the husband and wife, and it starts to read as if this is just a book about whether or not to have a baby.
    • His wicket-keeper and close-in fielders applauded every such delivery.
    • The game was at fever pitch when they were awarded a close-in free.
    • Twice in the closing minutes the team was awarded close-in frees but missed the target on both occasions.
    • Supposing for example you are a soccer player and you are given the job of taking the close-in frees.
  • 2EEUU

    (near town center)
    cercano al centro
    • They had just seen a close-in suburban town give big breaks to a company which opened a new super store - and closed down two older stores within San Antonio city limits.
    • Environmentalists recognize that the solution to sprawl requires more intense development in the older central cities and close-in suburbs.
    • Short lines, short walks, close-in parking and a generally easy flying experience mark the experience.
    • I'm looking for an old, established, close in neighborhood to Chapel Hill but will consider Raleigh or Durham.