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cerrado, adj.

Pronunciación /kloʊzd/ /kləʊzd/

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    (door/window/book/flower) cerrado
    your eyes were closed tenías los ojos cerrados
    • the door was closed la puerta estaba cerrada
    • Kamat pushes open a closed door from her past and a memory slips out.
    • Allison pried open the closed elevator doors with a tool, and squeezed inside.
    • Letting out a sigh, Jenny went back over to the closed door and slowly opened it.
    • Glancing around, she opened the closed door and stared at the chest of drawers in front of her.
    • The doors were closed last night so we just sat at the fountain outside, talking for about half an hour before heading back to the hotel.
    • They tiptoed along the wooden corridor past the closed door of the baby's room.
    • Policemen stood guard behind the closed doors and no one else was allowed to enter the building.
    • I walked into my house and leaned up against the closed door shaking my head.
    • Not hearing any, I open the door and move out into the hall and over to my parents' closed bedroom door.
    • She leaned against the closed door and took three deep breaths before she too got ready for the big showdown.
    • I sat outside the office and suddenly I heard my mother crying behind the closed office door.
    • Even from behind my closed door, I could hear the three adults talking about me.
    • He paused, examining the closed sliding doors as if he could see our servants huddled behind them.
    • The musician works alone behind the closed door and within formidable soundproof walls.
    • He walked past that area, following the still muffled voices towards the closed conference room door at the far end.
    • Jane looked up from her book, checked her watch, and looked at the closed door.
    • His eyes must have been closed, I concluded, as there was no beam of blue light for guidance.
    • Eve lay down and closed her eyes, but behind her closed lids, her mind was a flurry of activity.
    • She remained on the bed, eyes tightly closed, awful ideas swimming around her head.
    • If the idea here is to create a closed acoustic space, then it's a fait accompli.
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    (not operating, trading)
    the factory is closed for two weeks in July la fábrica cierra / está cerrada dos semanas en julio
    • Up and down Brandon Boulevard on Sunday afternoon were nothing but closed businesses.
    • He declined to discuss target figures for sign-ups to the service because the company is currently in a closed period.
    • They want the closed factory reopened and the payment of salaries pending for the last 18 months.
    • Apparently they stay at an old broken-down house near the closed factory.
    • Hundreds of former workers at the now closed carpet factory could be at risk from exposure to the killer dust.
    • Elderly people were bemused at the temporary closed sign as they turned up to collect their pension money only to find the shop shut.
    • I dropped by the office and they were putting up a closed sign and laughing.
    • A closed sign was put up in the front door of the bakery and detectives spoke to staff.
    • All four of the closed schools are of quality brick construction and in excellent condition.
    • The cartoon associated with this article depicts a poster in a London Underground advertising board showing a closed pub in the rain.
    • Why is it that these schools are closed four months a year?
    • Access to many websites was stopped by a screen message saying ‘site closed due to strike action’.
    • Meanwhile, the sauna remains closed as investigations continue into how the fire broke out.
    • The restaurant at the centre of the outbreak remains closed and investigations into its cause are continuing.
    • When we arrived at our campsite of choice it was closed due to flooding.
    • The squash courts will be closed for a week from March 29 and re-open on April 5.
    • On previous visits I have found this venue to be closed despite the indication that food was available all day.
    • The company is closed for the Christmas break, and no-one was available for comment.
    • The Fitness Zone gym will move to one of the two squash courts but the sauna will be closed during renovations.
    • How the plane ended up on a closed runway is still under investigation.
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    • 3.1

      (community/road/channel) cerrado
      (trial/session/meeting) a puerta(s) cerrada(s)
      to be closed to sth estar cerrado a algo

      • closed to shipping
      • his mind is closed to anything new
      • The Institute was a closed society of the rich, famous and powerful.
      • The terrorists seek a closed society of fear and conformity.
      • It's almost impossible to gauge what they're doing because it is a closed society.
      • In that kind of closed society, if you leave town, it's like you fall off the edge of the Earth.
      • This state of denial is facilitated by conspiracy theories, so common in closed societies.
      • Where countries are still based on closed societies and forms of tribalism, this is more difficult.
      • The second principle of relationship advice is that a relationship cannot be a closed system of two.
      • A closed system is one that receives no energy from outside the system itself.
      • In nature a closed system stays healthy as long as it stays balanced, which means stabilized.
      • Because it is a closed system, you do not get to see this blood rushing around - until we open up an artery or a vein.
      • He argued that the earth resembled a closed system, which used up its finite stocks of useful energy in an irreversible way.
      • Whether the universe may be represented as a closed system is undecided.
      • If you take the whole Solar System and treat it as a closed system, the entropy does increase, just as the laws of thermodynamics require.
      • Moreover, they saw it as a closed system governed by its own elaborate rules, which it was the task of the structuralist to lay bare.
      • The blood circulation is a closed system in which the pressure varies constantly.
      • It's tough being an entrepreneur in a closed economic society.
      • The empire was maintained by a strong navy and trade restrictions that kept the empire a closed economic system.
      • Often lauded as the bastion of freewheeling capitalism, the city has a surprisingly closed economy.
      • What is an open society and what is a closed society depends on where one is located in it.
      • But those countries with closed economies can grow until they can afford to pay their officials well.
      • Businesses which have closed circuit TV in the area have been asked not to wipe their tapes and to contact police.
      • They are a closed circle and are closely associated in their business networks.
      • However, she has agreed to appear before the commission on a second occasion, albeit in closed session.
      • Councillors were last night in closed session considering quotes from different firms for the general repair work.
      • This is not surprising because the world's elite closed tournaments are just that: closed.
      • Upon arriving at the door we were individually told that this was always a closed meeting and not open to the public.
      • After Stella's performance, the judges held a closed discussion for what seemed like eons.
      • The special committee is set to announce the results of its investigation in a closed plenary session Monday.
      • The resolution indicated Council was reconvening in a closed session to discuss a legal matter.
      • All discussions remain closed to the public and remarks made by speakers are off-the-record.
      • Bids of up to £25,000 were discussed at a closed district council meeting last night.
      • A report released this week showed that 60 percent of schemes linked to earnings are now closed to workers joining a firm.
      • Both sides had insisted that the transcript of the closed session be published.
      • We should not strive for a state where we censor our business contacts and limit them only to a closed clique.
      • Then it was off to a closed meeting between members of the mayoral committee and local councillors.
      • While the Scheme is a closed scheme no new members may be admitted and the contributions of the Employers will cease.

    • 3.2Matemáticas

      (set/curve/surface) cerrado
      • Every uncountable closed set can be partitioned into a perfect set and a countable set.
      • He also defined closed subsets of the real line as subsets containing their first derived set.
      • Finally the fifth case consists of two symmetrically positioned closed curves.
      • The time line dips back into the past and could form a closed curve in spacetime.
      • A formula for the line integral of the geodesic curvature along a closed curve is known as the Gauss Bonnet theorem.
      • From a mathematical viewpoint, the seam can be thought of as a simple closed curve on the surface of a sphere.
      • The function prompts you to select a closed object such as a circle or a polyline.
      • A closed surface means a two-dimensional shape that has no boundary.
      • It had been shown that if you take the sphere as basic, any other closed smooth surface can be obtained from it by manipulation.
      • He proved that every field has an algebraically closed extension field, perhaps his most important single theorem.
      • What I'm thinking of is a closed, known set of items and these can take many forms.

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    (case/matter) cerrado
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    (syllable/vowel) cerrado