Translation of closed shop in Spanish:

closed shop


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    empresa que tiene un convenio con un sindicato determinado por el cual todo empleado debe estar afiliado a este
    • Undoubtedly the freedom of association provisions were drafted with the intent of attacking unions, to break down so-called closed shops.
    • Some business sectors in Asia were once regarded by the West as a closed shop, but deregulation is now in full stride as corporate and political leaders strive to restructure and increase competitiveness.
    • The Publish-Or-Perish syndrome has always been a fact of life for academics, and in earlier times was the subject of much amusement both within and without the fairly closed shop of the scientific world.
    • In any sport the teams at the bottom stagnate if you have a closed shop.
    • Outside of the skilled trades, unions had difficulty monopolizing the labor supply, and strikes were often a necessary tactic in gaining union recognition or a closed shop.
    • They are operating like a closed shop and yet you cannot operate without them.
    • On Saturday it will become the longest strike, surpassing the 29-day strike in 1953 that established a closed shop.
    • As he pointed out, the media tends to be a closed shop, lacking ethnic and ideological diversity.
    • He is said to have shredded the letters, and the sources claimed that the national team was now a closed shop where new people and ideas were not welcome.
    • How accountants would howl at this threat to their cosy closed shop, but even the most intransigent practice must see such an innovation would free their profitable management services from the taint of undue influence.
    • The days of strikes without ballots, mass picketing, closed shops and secondary action are over.
    • Promising to reform the law profession, he said there should be no closed shops, no restrictive practices and no artificial barriers in access to or delivery of legal services.
    • It does not return compulsory unionism, awards, arbitration or closed shops.
    • This is not setting up the American system of closed shops at all, as he said last night.
    • Even after the anti-union laws, which outlawed closed shops, Steve continued to apply this.
    • The Pharmaceutical Society last night rejected a claim that it is operating a closed shop by stopping a new pharmacy degree course for 50 students going ahead.