Translation of closely in Spanish:


estrechamente, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈkloʊsli/ /ˈkləʊsli/


  • 1

    (connected/associated) estrechamente
    we are closely related somos parientes cercanos
    • those ideas are closely related esas ideas están muy relacionadas entre sí / muy emparentadas
    • they worked closely with the French trabajaron en estrecha colaboración con los franceses
  • 2

    • 2.1(densely)

      (written) con letra apretada
      a closely woven fabric un tejido muy tupido / de trama muy cerrada
      • we were very closely packed in the taxi íbamos muy apretados en el taxi
      • the room was closely packed la habitación estaba atestada de gente
      • I alighted here, followed closely by Grandpa and Lizzie on their onion quest.
      • He seated himself demurely with his legs drawn closely to one side, posing for the cameras as though for a fashion shoot.
      • Most columns were closely spaced around one or more closed peripheries, and beams were made proportionately deeper.
      • In closely spaced weaving, the pattern of intersections becomes visually subservient to the plane.
      • After that mess of a movie, followed closely by further filmed nonsense about the Revolution, Hollywood is gearing up to release another re-edit of history.
      • We took our time, walking closely with one another to keep warm.
      • I refuse to walk closely behind another person because I don't want them to clutch their handbag or to pull their coat closer.
      • Scanning the cafeteria, she found Charlotte and a few of the nurses huddled closely together around one of the tables.
      • Most of the work dances were so small scale in emphasis, that I wished the audience were gathered closely around the performance area.
      • At Cologne, 14 closely scheduled arrivals and departures jockeyed for track space.

    • 2.2(precisely)

      (reasoned/defined) rigurosamente
      • Management of alcohol withdrawal in elderly persons should be closely supervised by a healthcare professional.
      • He closely oversees everything the company does.
      • After closely looking at the exhibits, I came to the conclusion that the presence of feathers on pterosaurs is very much a matter of speculation.
      • A lot can go wrong with a building that's empty and not closely looked after, especially within the stagnant water of an air-conditioning tower.
      • We are finding that the closely tended garden of hadrons is abloom with exotic new growths.
      • Close family members or personal contacts should be closely observed for any signs of infection.
      • If you have diabetes, you should aim to closely control your blood sugar levels.
      • The orchestra is governed by the musicians themselves, most of whom remain with the Philharmonic for a lifetime, closely protecting its artistic integrity.
      • The opportunities described appear incomparably greater than those garnered by even the most closely nurtured venture-capital portfolio company.
      • There she worked closely ministering to women and children.

  • 3

    • 3.1(at a short distance)

      (follow/mark) de cerca

    • 3.2(carefully)

      (study/examine) detenidamente
      (watch) de cerca
      (watch) atentamente
      (question) a fondo
      a closely guarded secret un secreto muy bien guardado

  • 4

    • 4.1(in approximation)

      somebody who resembled her closely alguien que se le parecía mucho
      • a closely matching color un color muy parecido

    • 4.2(nearly equally)

      a closely fought / contested game un partido muy reñido