Traducción de cloth en Español:


tela, n.

Pronunciación /klɔθ/ /klɒθ/

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    • 1.1

      (fabric) tela femenino
      (fabric) género masculino
      (fabric) tejido masculino
      (thick, woolen) paño masculino
      a lovely piece of cloth una tela preciosa
      • The other main form of visual art is silk and cotton woven cloth with elaborate and subtle patterns and colors.
      • The jacket is manufactured from wool and has khaki cloth patches on the elbows.
      • Now the floor was carpeted, with a long woven length of cloth that was blood red.
      • Downstairs were the looms and the spinning wheels, the floor covered in scraps of cloth and piles of wool.
      • The men also raised cotton and wove it into cloth, robes, blankets, and textiles.
      • Silk fabrics were not, like cotton cloth, the normal wear of the labouring classes.
      • English wool and cloth were exported for profit, and French wine imported for pleasure.
      • Handwoven cotton cloth is sewn into wraps for women and tunics for men, as well as into blankets.
      • With a staff of 18, the factory works round the clock, turning out around 10,000 metres of wool cloth a week.
      • She lifted the velvet cloth and the fabric slipped between her fingers, brushing against her bare fingers.
      • The shops of the artisans, the merchants, and especially weavers of cotton cloth are very numerous.
      • They weave cotton into strips of cloth, which are then sewn together, forming a length of fabric.
      • The lungi is a piece of cotton cloth, usually checkered, that is wrapped around the waist.
      • When woollen cloth was woven on a handloom the nap had to be combed in order to raise it.
      • Raw flax and wool was spun into yarn, this was then dyed or bleached, woven into cloth and then cut and sewn into the garments their families needed.
      • Every young girl was supposed to be able to weave cloth and do elaborate embroidery.
      • And over his shoulder were draped strips of various types of cloth and fabric.
      • In modern times, cotton cloth has come to replace cowskins as a means of draping the body.
      • Villagers then filtered out the sediment by pouring the water through tightly woven cloth.
      • A closer examination revealed layers of cloth, meticulously woven together to catch the eye.
      • The Englishman proceeds to pull out two cloth bank bags, seemingly full of money.

    • 1.2(rag, duster)

      trapo masculino
      dishcloth trapo (de cocina)
      • Beside him there was a gleaming glass and the white cloth he'd been cleaning it with.
      • Oh, and she told me I don't have to bother buying cloths for cleaning the toilet anymore…
      • As each loaf comes out of the oven, wrap it in a clean cloth or towel to keep it soft until the baking process is complete.
      • Invert a large saucepan over the saucepan, lightly rub with oil, and wipe clean with a cloth.
      • Keep a clean cloth handy to wipe off any drips or overspray that may get onto the tracks.
      • Wipe the apples with a clean cloth and push a wooden stick through the base of each.
      • To stop the bleeding, press firmly but gently on the cut with a clean cloth, tissue, or piece of gauze.
      • Use separate cloths and buckets when cleaning the floor.
      • Tweed cushioning lines the seats and the tables are covered with starched white cloths.
      • I went to the kitchen and poured warm water on a clean cloth.
      • Holding a damp cloth in one hand she gently cleaned the injured man's wounds.
      • Apply thinly, in a circular motion, and polish dry at once with a clean cloth.
      • The nurse took a wet cloth and began to clean the blood from around his leg.
      • The young woman took a clean cloth from a small pile of linen and dipped it into the grimy water.
      • She moved to a sitting position, stretching her aching back and neck, before wiping her sweaty face with a damp cloth.
      • If there is any dust on the fan blades, carefully clean it using a slightly damp cloth and cotton wool ear buds.
      • Wipe down brass with this cloth and then buff it dry with a soft, cotton cloth.
      • To use, apply a small amount to your wood furniture with a soft cotton cloth and rub it in gently.
      • She directed me to a wicker chair placed in front of a round bamboo table covered by a red velvet cloth.
      • Gradually, the women faded away as they left for lunch, and Elizabeth set up her and Jack's own meal on a red gingham cloth.

    • 1.3(tablecloth)

      mantel masculino

  • 2

    the cloth el clero
    • At one time in my life, I respected a man of the cloth, but now I've seen the light.
    • A man of the cloth commands respect. It is assumed that a man of god is somehow better than the rest of us.
    • That figures of the cloth have been associated with prosecutorial misconduct and the passions of the mob is one of this case's many ironies.