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cloth cap

gorra, n.

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    gorra femenino
    • He wears an outsize cloth cap, chocolate-coloured, at all times.
    • These people wore their cloth cap and shawls with the pride of hard-working people.
    • He swapped his cloth cap and overalls for a hired suit to collect his award for services to heritage and broadcasting.
    • He habitually wore shabby tweeds and a cloth cap of the kind favoured by Cockney barrow boys, also by country squires.
    • I remembered them, sitting opposite me, his cloth cap, her bright yellow coat.
    • The man took off his cloth cap, and said, ‘I'm fine, but the bike's a write off.’
    • He was a handsome man who always walked straight and tall and dressed smartly, his cloth cap set at a jaunty angle.
    • The cloth cap is worn by people the world over, and by young and old alike; its image is part of my cultural identity.
    • The wooden statuette depicts a gardener in a cloth cap and plus-fours, digging with a spade.
    • This is a fine cloth cap, very carefully tailored from a good quality fabric.
    • He lived in Mexico for 64 years, but he dressed in a Russian peasant blouse, had a long ponytail and always wore a worker's cloth cap.
    • The worker's cloth cap Hardie wore when he first entered parliament shocked the top-hatted Tory and Liberal MPs.