Traducción de clothes hanger en español:

clothes hanger

percha, n.

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    percha femenino
    • Lightweight pants, pajama bottoms, skirts and sweats can be pinned on clothes hangers and even sheets can be folded and hung on them.
    • You usually get one or two clothes hangers in the closet that have clips on them for pants-hanging.
    • Laundry tips for freshmen in terms of what to pack for college include detergent, stain remover, clothing bags and clothes hangers.
    • Karan held the clothes hanger in her right arm as she admired the dress hanging from it: light blue, v-neck, with a skirt ending just above her knees, while in her left hand she held her bank card.
    • Remove the distortion accurately in a bias-cut garment by letting it hang over the dress form's shaped surface, rather than hanging flat from a clothes hanger.