Translation of clothier in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈkloʊðiər/ /ˈkləʊðɪə/


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    propietario de una casa de modas
    • MPs who railed against the destruction of traditional steel and coal industries are quite happy to see equally traditional farriers, clothiers, boot-makers, stables and kennels go to the wall.
    • The finished product would then be sold to a clothier.
    • Before they became moguls, the men who made Hollywood had been clothiers, merchants, traders in diamonds and fox stoles, yard-goods and dry-goods salesmen.
    • The 19th century cloth mills still line the banks of the river and the old clothiers ' houses and weavers' cottages provide plenty of old world charm.
    • There was a restaurant, a small jewelry shop, and three clothiers… all of which sold used as well as new clothing… and the inevitable souvenir shop.
    • Because I didn't have opportunities to network with other home-based professional clothiers and had no educational instruction in business techniques, I set my prices too low.
    • Trowbridge was developed as a major woollen town, with the wealth of clothiers (going back to the 16th century) ensuring a rich-built legacy within the town.
    • It is probably the county's best-known town house, and when new-built about 1500 for wealthy clothiers it was bang up to date.
    • For 27 years he owned a Chicago-based clothiers, which filed for bankruptcy in February 2000.
    • Five years ago, he decided to move uptown to Harlem where a number of black designers and clothiers have also opened boutiques, either for the first time or as an extension of their line.
    • And clothiers, greengrocers, chemists, jewellers and fast food shops are all ensuring the areas around their premises are kept clean.
    • What makes you think I'm going anywhere but to the nearest clothier for a new dress?
    • Her father was a clothier, and a successful one.
    • The son of a tenant farmer in western New York, he gained a minimal education before he was apprenticed as a clothier.
    • An elegant-looking woman approached them as they entered the clothier, her hair color the same as his, except long and silky.
    • His father was also called Jonas and was a clothier.
    • He was the son of the greatest clothier of the day and MP for the cloth town of Devizes from the 1690s to his death.
    • The son of a rich clothier, he gave up wealth and privilege to dress in rags.