Translation of cloud computing in Spanish:

cloud computing

computación en la nube, n.

Pronunciation /ˈklaʊd kəmˌpjudɪŋ/ /ˈklaʊd kəmˌpjuːtɪŋ/


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    computación en la nube feminine
    • The same, I'm sure, will be true of the infrastructure of cloud computing.
    • An on-demand financial services vendor points to a couple of companies who are betting on cloud computing to cope with the current economic troubles.
    • I won't be doing any cloud computing anytime soon.
    • Cupertino will soon be moving into cloud computing in a big way.
    • Industry experts have estimated the current market for cloud computing to be worth US $160 billion.
    • Here's the grand plan: By working with IBM to promote cloud computing to universities, Google is accomplishing two very important goals.
    • Microsoft is potentially the big loser from cloud computing, which could undermine sales of its Office suite.
    • The speed at which cloud computing has permeated Internet activities is astonishing.
    • The concept of cloud computing isn't new to Apple.
    • According to Lucas, cloud computing is not only about saving money on servers.
    • The idea of cloud computing is a relatively new concept for Microsoft.
    • To some, cloud computing once involved people sitting at terminals hooked to a mainframe in the basement.
    • Cloud computing is, of course, a metaphor, whose origins begin with computer diagrams.
    • Cloud computing may be a great idea in principle.
    • Casting cloud computing into the old-fashioned client/server paradigm is short sighted.
    • For one thing, nobody really knows how secure cloud computing really is.
    • By alleviating security concerns in managing compliance, we believe this technology has the potential to accelerate the widespread adoption of cloud computing.
    • All of us have had at least one previous experience with cloud computing.
    • With any outsourcing model, whether it be cloud computing or something else, you can't.
    • Cost-effective, scalable, green: cloud computing has a lot going for it.