Translation of cloud cover in Spanish:

cloud cover

cobertura de nubes, n.


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    cobertura de nubes feminine
    masa de nubes feminine
    • Although their ultimate enemy had been the weather, the mist and cloud cover had made the attack possible in the first place.
    • However, as the rain subsided and the cloud cover eased, the music came to soothe and reward the faithful group of supporters.
    • Not only were the mosquito's unbearable because of recent rains, the cloud cover was the worst I've seen in a while.
    • That cloud cover may have actually decreased daytime temperatures by blocking sunlight.
    • The weather had gotten a little bit better, as the early morning sunshine was starting to pierce the cloud cover a little.
    • I had trouble spotting the sandpits because of a cloud cover at 5,000 feet.
    • There was a little cloud cover, but not enough to obstruct the view.
    • Constellations, which could have enabled them to calculate the year, couldn't be seen through the ever-present cloud cover.
    • The cloud cover only allowed the new sun through here in this spot.
    • By the second sortie, the cloud cover was broken up and he could see even more of the action and the hundreds of vessels in the Channel.
    • As the two walked up the quiet trail, the moon escaped from the thick cloud cover and momentarily lit the trees around them.
    • The cloud cover had lifted a little, broken by patches of snow-colored sky.
    • The craft was flying roughly east to west just above the cloud cover.
    • I reached forward and switched on the stormscope, while searching for holes in the dense cloud cover.
    • Far in the west the lofty crest of the Rockies flickered snow white between swirling openings in the cloud cover.
    • As he descended to 4,000 feet, he broke through the cloud cover and saw the coast of France below him.
    • Now and again, she dipped beneath the cloud cover to verify her location, but there was no problem really.
    • It now was dark with a broken cloud cover and a barely visible horizon.
    • Every few moments he checked the cloud cover for punctures or tears, any hole that might afford him a glimpse.
    • The cloud cover made looking at Venus through a telescope about as exciting as staring at a billiard ball.