Translation of cloven hoof in Spanish:

cloven hoof

pezuña partida, n.


  • 1

    pezuña partida feminine
    pezuña hendida feminine
    • Artiodactyls are characterized by the presence of two enlarged toes forming a cloven hoof; the hoof of a goat or cow is anatomically the enlarged third and fourth toes.
    • The movement restriction zones apply to all cloven hoof animals, including pigs, sheep, goats and cattle, and will remain in place pending further investigation.
    • Aristotle gave a brief description of two animals, one with a cloven hoof and one with a solid hoof.
    • When you observe the ruminants, he went on, you see that they all lack upper incisors, and they all possess horns or antlers, a four-chambered stomach, and cloven hooves.
    • The Pegasus was a filly, her yellow coat and gold cloven hooves glowing like a small sun, and blue mane and tail the color of the sky.
    • She could not believe that the goats could climb so steep an incline so nimbly on only cloven hooves, when she was barely able to find a finger hold in the rock.
    • Historically, the most frequently discussed taboos are those associated with the early Hebrews, whose most famous restrictions forbade the consumption of animals that did not have cloven hooves and did not chew their cud.
    • We were about halfway in when we passed those doe-eyed cows, and all I wanted to do was collapse at their cloven hooves, smear my body into the sun-warm grass, and sleep.
    • A stream of animals is flowing across the road, raising dust from hundreds and thousands of cloven hooves.
    • With the kid on a snowy trail through close pines, we see the tracks of cloven hooves in the snow.
    • Foot and mouth disease, a highly contagious disease affecting cloven hoof animals, was discovered on the farm last week.