Translation of clover in Spanish:


trébol, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkloʊvər/ /ˈkləʊvə/


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    trébol masculine
    • To attract these flies, plant some dill, parsley and sweet clover in your garden.
    • We found it quite quickly, a patch of grass with yellow gorse bushes dotted here and there around, blue vetch and clover, bright red Herb Robert.
    • Cover crops included crimson clover, generally planted in the off-season to protect the soil.
    • Jean's honey is mainly produced from the nectar of clover, alfalfa and fireweed.
    • Cover crops containing clover and other legumes should also be monitored carefully as they might add excessive nitrogen to the vineyard soil.
    • They had planted some basil and clover, which would hopefully grow pretty fast.
    • Leguminous plants such as clover evolved in parallel with legions of bacteria that live in their root nodules.
    • Butterflies and bogflies flutter above and around trefoils, daisies, clovers, sea-pinks and orchids.
    • They use compost and cover crops like crimson clover and mustard to replenish the soil.
    • The image is framed by a garland of wheat, clover, and flax flowers.
    • Much of the honey on sale in most countries is from clover and similar field crops.
    • A four-course rotation was adopted based on turnips, clover, barley, and wheat.
    • Legumes, like clover, are very efficient at breaking down rock phosphate into more available forms.
    • He was pleased to find both yarrow and clover blossoms in the field.
    • There are sprinklings of yellow and white from buttercups and clover, and dock weeds tower above the lot.
    • The organic farmer relies on the use of crop rotations, animal manure, clover and low stocking rates.
    • As for clover, why not leave this attractive plant and good luck charm alone?
    • Creeping perennials, like clover or bracken, seem to move around in the environment.
    • The plants sprouting now include grasses, clovers, dandelions, several types of thistle, mustards, and small composites.
    • First the air filled with the smells of clover, wet grass, and honeysuckle.