Translation of club sandwich in Spanish:

club sandwich

sandwich club, n.


  • 1

    sandwich club masculine
    sandwich de dos pisos masculine
    • The chicken club sandwich had a grilled chicken breast, bacon and mayonnaise, and came with a crisp mesclun salad.
    • But actually, he liked his Caesar salad and club sandwich.
    • I hate eating in my hotel room because it's always a club sandwich (on which I am now an international expert) and chips, but even more because I really hate the idea of missing out on something.
    • I'm going to have the club sandwich with a garden salad.
    • ‘Excuse me,’ I say, attempting to remain calm, ‘do you not always serve mayonnaise automatically with your club sandwich?’
    • Settling down I ordered a turkey club sandwich while my friend ordered a simple salad sandwich and tea for two.
    • I chose the club sandwich, with all its promisingly cholesterol-laden items and my friend the steak sandwich.
    • Three of the group ordered the club sandwich, which came out towering on the plate, due less to the amount of filling in the sandwich than to the super-thick cut of the homemade bread.
    • ‘Please help me finish this food,’ he says when an enormous club sandwich is placed in front of him.
    • He laughed, taking a bite out of his club sandwich.
    • The club sandwich consisted of tuna, egg, ham, cheese, and veggies between five slices of bread.
    • I have not eaten a club sandwich in almost twenty years.
    • She made tea for them while he rummaged through the fridge and pantry, turning his findings into a club sandwich.
    • I ate a club sandwich at a American-style chain restaurant, with a medium coke.
    • The stack resembled something like a metal and paper club sandwich.
    • I hate it when hotels make club sandwiches and because they use three slices of bread they reckon they can charge four times as much.
    • The menu comprises the encyclopaedia totalica of modern brasserie standards: potato wedges, fishcakes, club sandwiches, burgers, bangers and mash and a full complement of grilled fish for the ladies.
    • The menu also offers lots of club sandwiches, burgers and pizzas.
    • Individual plates, piled high with thick club sandwiches and crispy French fries, were passed round to everyone present.
    • Stop in later in the day and the lunch menu includes club sandwiches and burgers served up with crisp fries.