Translation of cluck in Spanish:


cloquear, v.

Pronunciation /klək/ /klʌk/

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intransitive verb

  • 1

    (hen) cloquear
    (person) chascar la lengua
    (person) chasquear la lengua
    • Chickens and hens cluck nearby and the cicadas start up their relentless refrain.
    • The chickens clucked and scratched around his feet.
    • She lived on the top floor while all her hens and chickens clucked happily on the ground level.
    • There were the sounds of punching and kicking, objects being broken, grown-ups begging for mercy, children crying, chickens clucking, dogs yelping and pigs squealing.
    • Chickens clucked about, scratching up dust into tiny dust devils with their claws.
    • A quietness followed my outburst; even the chickens stopped clucking and tilted their heads in alarm briefly.
    • When the road was clear, a few villagers ran out of their homes and onto the road, dogs barking and chickens clucking.
    • There were no horses bucking in their stalls, no chickens clucking on the ground.
    • The chicken clucked once, and resumed her former position.
    • There were a number of carefully segregated piles of pipes, rusted auto parts, and other assorted items between which half a dozen scrawny chickens clucked and pecked their way through the dirt.
    • Goats bleated occasionally, chickens clucked and honks from geese could be heard sometimes.
    • With that, he starts to do a strutting chicken walk, wafting his arms about and clucking and squawking to himself.
    • During one acting class, when the students were asked to pretend to be chickens under a falling atom bomb, everybody clucked frantically and raced around the room.
    • The geese honked, and the hens hopped about clucking, as she giggled and ran after them.
    • Street wardens patrolling the area found the birds clucking and pecking around and thought they had escaped from the nearby School Farm.
    • She made a face as she groped under the black hen, which glared and clucked at her but yielded a warm, brown egg.
    • The male clucks softly to the female it has chosen to be his mate, producing a sound similar to that made by females when calling to their young.
    • He said he eats ‘anything that used to moo, cluck or oink - as long as it's cooked.’
    • As chickens cluck at our feet, he continues in his warm, soft voice: ‘They will never succeed in making me hate them.’
    • If they ask if my eggs are fresh, I'll waddle around and cluck like a chicken and say, ‘Hey, they don't get any fresher than this.’
    • I cluck my tongue at Carole, the way my grandmother clucks her tongue at me when I've said something utterly, wholly stupid.
    • I'd toss out a topic and he'd cluck his tongue and point out ways my idea could be offensive and controversial.
    • The maid clucked her tongue and rolled her eyes.
    • The man clucked his tongue, as if he were feeling sorry for me, and moved forward to help me saddle the horse.
    • For a moment, she was occupied with the task of scrutinizing everything in the parlor, clucking her tongue in disapproval.
    • I shook my head, feeling the urge to cluck my tongue in disapproval.
    • She clucked her tongue, apparently in disapproval, and turned away.
    • He clucked his tongue in a mock disapproving way.
    • She shook her head and clucked her tongue, as if she were disappointed in me.
    • Throughout the showing of the film, we were bombarded with audience members around us clucking their tongues and making other sympathetic noises.
    • Despots die and their wars are read about in history books; we cluck our tongues, shake our heads and wonder at their evil.
    • ‘That's no way to treat a lady, Eric,’ his mother scolded, clucking her tongue.
    • She sighed frustratedly and clucked her tongue.
    • She clucked her tongue a couple of times, frowning slightly.
    • He pulled out his watch and clucked his tongue at the time.
    • My old therapist called it hyper-vigilance and clucked as she made notes about examples of the behavior in my daily life.
    • The bystanders shook their heads and clucked sympathetically.
    • ‘Oh I know,’ she said, clucking sympathetically.
    • Her mother, dressed in ski-pants, enters and clucks disapprovingly.
    • Of course, conservatives will cluck cluck sadly and say that we're overreacting.
    • So I declined his offer, letting him cluck in dismay.


  • 1

    (of hen) cloqueo masculine
    (of person) chasquido (de la lengua) masculine
    • Farmers usually keep farm animals to supplement their income, but a visitor to this farm will not hear clucks or moos.
    • But for the rest of us, the meaning behind creatures' clucks, rumbles, and whistles remains a mystery.
    • A chorus of clucks answered the maiden when the door was opened.
    • When I reached the gate, I heard happy moos and clucks from the chickens and cows.
    • Margaret was temporarily silenced, but she still made displeased clucks as she looked her daughter over.
    • He gave a cluck of sorts and began the lesson.
    • He made a noise which, had he been female, would have been instantly recognized as a sympathetic cluck.
    • With an exasperated cluck of his tongue he rushed to the shower, and got ready.
    • Kidnappers just do not put up with disapproving glances and motherly clucks.
    • Jackson filled in the form as best he could and handed it back to the nurse, who looked over it with a cluck of disapproval.
    • Amidst grunts and clucks of disapproval, I managed to lose myself in the crowd.
    • I have perfected the art of the interested cluck during these kinds of conversations.
    • She tutted and clucked her tongue, shaking her head in accordance with the rhythm of her clucks.
    • Oscar descended upon him with reassuring clucks, all of which were duly ignored.
    • Gil, with a cluck of his tongue and a loud smack of his lips, seemed satisfied with this.
    • ‘Thanks,’ he said but made no action to invite her in and with a cluck of her tongue she turned on her heels and began to walk away.
    • When I read, ‘academic freedom,’ I hear a very loud cluck.
  • 2US informal

    idiota masculine, feminine informal
    • I have seen some of the responsible anti-war leaders try to distance themselves from such clucks, but not enough.
    • Whether she intended to eventually marry the silly cluck or not, that wouldn't matter, because I just wouldn't like it.