Traducción de clumsily en español:


torpemente, adv.

Pronunciación /ˈkləmzəli/ /ˈklʌmzɪli/


  • 1

    (walk/handle/apologize) torpemente
    (walk/handle/apologize) con torpeza
    • I'm disgusted by what she's done, thinking of how clumsily she struggled and the mindless stupefaction of her gaze.
    • He spends his days clumsily barging into rooms where girls are changing, only to get the living daylights pounded out of him.
    • The flirtatious Emily spends a lot of time clumsily pursuing her crush.
    • One of the lead actors is always stumbling clumsily through situations, while the other achieves an absurd but beautiful grace.
    • We sense that he is not a casual victim of society but a child coming clumsily of age.
    • Her exchanges with Damien - as she clumsily attempts to win his heart - are a joy
    • Later the Puritans surrender to prurience and fornicate with anything in reach: one another, members of the audience, a lifesize doll that actually does come to life and tries clumsily, comically, to seduce a fellow in the front row.
    • I was clumsily saying that maybe it was too big for her.
    • He clumsily reciprocates her praise with the words, "You're a damn good woman painter."
    • Clumsily apologizing for an earlier insulting comment, he claimed the fault was with the writer who reported his remark.
  • 2

    (made/fashioned) toscamente
    (written) con poca fluidez