Translation of clumsy in Spanish:


torpe, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈkləmzi/ /ˈklʌmzi/

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adjective clumsier, clumsiest

  • 1

    (person/movement) torpe
    (person/movement) patoso Spain informal
    (person/movement) (graceless) desgarbado informal
    • This was a clumsy amateurish attempt by two students.
    • ‘Being a hippy’ was just a clumsy attempt to give expression to those moments of spirituality he had experienced since childhood.
    • This clumsy attempt at democracy has soured the population.
    • His downfall came only when he made a clumsy and inept attempt to forge her will, to claim her legacy for himself.
    • The clumsy frame-up attempt was as stupid as it was shortsighted.
    • The shooting appears to be a clumsy attempt to provoke violence that would justify their continued presence in the country.
    • But these clumsy attempts to prevent its publication only promoted the swift growth of interest in the book.
    • The extraordinarily clumsy and transparent attempt to bury the issue failed, however, resulting in a further inquiry and the present trials.
    • I made this clumsy, half-hearted suicide attempt about a year ago.
    • A smaller boy on the other side of the path was laughing as some of my clumsy attempts to be ‘lady like’.
    • It is an attempt, and a clumsy attempt, to codify the present criminal law.
    • For instance, when we learn to drive a car, our initial attempts are clumsy and full of errors.
    • These categories are clumsy and incomplete, but I'm hoping you can deduce what I mean for the sake of brevity here.
    • There's only so much space for awkward dialogue and clumsy exposition when you have to cram a movie full of fight scenes.
    • The characters appear out of nowhere and act as little more than clumsy devices to move the plot along and reveal the truth behind mysteries set up elsewhere.
    • It comes off as a clumsy storytelling device and suggests a more general weakness with the criminology aspects of the film.
    • With this uncharacteristically clumsy device the author seems to be trying to relate his novel to public events, and trying too hard.
    • He also uses the clumsy narrative device of the flashback in attempt to generate a sense of depth in the relationship.
    • The hints too had been so heavy and so clumsy that journalists well versed in the field of arms control were beginning to guess who it could be.
    • It is difficult to believe that such clumsy moments derive from even a very early work by the great composer.
    • This clumsy pastiche may please its creator, but the difficulty with any ‘me-film’ is that you're only guaranteed an audience of one.
    • The performances are flat and wooden; the writing is clumsy and unlikely to keep any child interested for more than a few minutes.
    • He is an awkward, clumsy boy in the community.
    • As it rocks from side to side, a walking penguin may look clumsy, but its movements are actually quite efficient.
    • The girls were running and giggling at the same time, making them clumsy in their movements and me even angrier.
    • But left-handers are renowned for being awkward and clumsy and in some societies they are still looked upon with suspicion.
    • I was astonished, when reading his memoirs, to learn that such a polished and poised fellow had never lost the sense that he was awkward and clumsy.
    • On the other hand, I always was a clumsy, accident-prone little boy.
    • Last year I was daft enough to get the guy to help me with the counter top and the clumsy fellow managed to gouge a great chunk out of the kitchen wall.
    • When the shot broke, I tried to run the bolt quickly and prepare for a follow up, as we had practiced, but my hands were suddenly awkward and clumsy.
    • I was never a good thief; I was clumsy, awkward, and too loud when I tried to take things.
    • He would smile mysteriously at her, or look at her with a new kind of interest that made her feel awkward and clumsy around him.
    • I was in a strange land, where small, clumsy, country boys were not appreciated.
    • As the clumsy little boy approached he tripped, and fell into his waiting arms.
    • Fumbling, my fingers clumsy and slow, I fought with the buttons on his soaking-wet shirt.
    • I'm so completely clumsy and incapable of handling a sword or a gun that I just gave up on it.
    • Its movements are clumsy and relatively uncoordinated.
    • The child may look dazed, and his or her movements may be clumsy.
    • Frantically, she scrambled back through the ventilation shaft, haste making her movements clumsy and loud.
    • A few minutes later I heard the clumsy movements of my mother rushing out of the room.
    • Hand movements may become clumsy and the person may find it difficult to even to fasten buttons.
    • Their movements are clumsy, but they can open doors and remove objects from closets and drawers.
    • The bear was big and frightening, but his clumsy movements made people laugh.
  • 2

    (tool/shape) tosco
    (translation/forgery) burdo
    (prose/writing) falto de fluidez
    • They were difficult to conceal, clumsy, expensive to manufacture, and required bulky ammunition which created stowage and logistics problems.
    • It looked and felt so clumsy, so unwieldy, so…… artificial.
    • The reason seems to be that they are clumsy and difficult to manoeuvre.
    • They must have been clumsy and difficult to manoeuvre as well.
    • With their clumsy wooden carts, they cleared the refuse from the streets and cleaned the open drains bordering its streets.
    • Iron ploughs engineered to reduce soil resistance replaced clumsy wooden ones, increasing ploughing productivity.
    • The outer wooden framework, which is clumsy and heavy and painted grey, protects and cages the garland.
    • Place my first mobile phone next to my present one, and you see light years of difference: the old one is bulky and clumsy.
    • Here's an alternative to clumsy, heavy snow chains.
    • These clumsy wood snowshoes were heavy and made walking almost impossible.
    • No one could maintain that furious, driving rhythm - not with something as massive and clumsy as a two-handed sword!
    • The weapon and its ammunition will be too heavy and clumsy for general issue and its cost per weapon and ammunition will be huge.
    • Also, larger oars were heavy and clumsy to maneuver and required multiple oarsmen.
    • If the skis are too long, they will be clumsy and awkward.