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cacharro, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkləŋkər/ /ˈklʌŋkə/

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    (vehicle) cacharro masculino coloquial
    (vehicle) carcacha femenino Andes, México coloquial
    (vehicle) cachila femenino Uruguay coloquial
    (machine) trasto masculino coloquial
    • The movie business is bound to turn out clunkers.
    • What if the last two songs from the seventies are classics, and the last two songs from the eighties are clunkers?
    • In fact the painting is so bad that it might well be one of the artist's many authentic clunkers.
    • Even the most discriminating of readers occasionally finds himself immersed in a volume that, for all its promise, turns out to be a real clunker.
    • The script is a real clunker, featuring dialogue so inept one is tempted to suspect the screenwriter died early in the process.
    • But in all honesty I'm just glad for the fact that the movie is not the cast-iron clunker it could've been.
    • Indeed, there can't be too many people who haven't bought a CD for one song, to find the rest of the album is full of clunkers.
    • But the IT industry has had more than its fair share of clunkers.
    • Sixteen songs, and not a clunker amongst them, really is an embarrassment of riches and will surely bring this gifted singer songwriter the audience he deserves.
    • Although, then again, if her press people had had the chance to review the article, perhaps they could have prevented this clunker from appearing.
    • Even her buoyant presence fails to keep this cinematic clunker from sinking.
    • On the band's four-song demo, only one song is a clunker, overdoing the keyboards so that they sound like a wild vibraphone.
    • There are all sorts of musical and lyrical details like this throughout the album, but it doesn't make all of the songs great - there are a number of genuine clunkers and some smaller disappointments.
    • Three of the album's thirteen songs go absolutely nowhere - the first time I've ever heard three clunkers on one of their albums.
    • It's a shame that there are several clunkers mixed with such strong material - they had enough good tunes to release a much more solid album.
    • Sure, there were a few clunkers in their discography, but one couldn't deny their innate ability to craft such dark, soulful, rock songs.
    • While there is much here to delight the aficionado, there are more than a few clunkers as well, and many of the best films are available in other collections.
    • In writing this review and consequently refreshing of my memory of all the episodes in this year, I was surprised to find so many clunkers in the midst.
    • A few truly compelling works were generated, but also several mediocre ones, along with a couple of real clunkers.
    • I'll be the first person to admit that not every episode of this first season was perfect, but there are no real clunkers in the lot.
    • Computer stores probably don't sell clunkers like your old laptop any more.
    • It includes nonsense about not raking up lawn clippings, using fluorescent light bulbs and getting your old clunker of a car tuned more often.
    • All she left was my old clunker of a car, my clothes, and my gun.
    • It can also be fun to modernize an old clunker, particularly if you're the type who likes to tinker.
    • Familiar, yes, but substandard, like going back to drive the old clunker of a car you used to own before you could finally afford something brand new.
    • One of her friends had an old clunker he was fixing up.
    • But moving to the cutting edge of PC technology often creates a problem - what to do with the old clunker.
    • He's old, and he must not have very much - you should see the old clunker he drives around in.
    • Ready to get out of that old clunker and slide into a shiny new car?
    • We've all been through that horrid process of buying clunkers from guys in slick suits and even slicker haircuts.
    • A driver might manage his race wisely, but if the car is a clunker, what you know about your competitors means little.
    • Much more powerful 750 horsepower engines replaced the 500 horsepower clunkers on the original.
    • I showed up with my clunker of a mountain bike, wearing a tank top and shorts, and I was good to go.
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    fracaso masculino