Translation of cluster bomb in Spanish:

cluster bomb

bomba dispersora, n.


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    bomba dispersora feminine
    bomba de dispersión feminine
    • The sole instance that bears a distinct resemblance to modern techniques is the scorpion bomb - the very name conjures an image of a cluster bomb delivering stinging poisonous fragments onto the enemy.
    • Armed with 1,000 pound high explosive and cluster bomb warheads, the missiles have ranges of 500-700 kilometers.
    • The fragments of shrapnel from a cluster bomb were picked from his chest.
    • It said the rocket was designed as a conventional cluster bomb, which would scatter explosive submunitions over its target, and not as a chemical weapon.
    • Each cluster bomb contains 202 sub-munitions, of which approximately 20% do not explode upon impact.
    • Others were walking in their fields and accidentally stepped on an unexploded bomblet from a cluster bomb.
    • A white phosphorus bomb fired from a helicopter or mortar distributes the substance in a wide area, much like a cluster bomb.
    • One of the closest calls we had was actually when a Marine stepped on a bomblet from a cluster bomb.
    • I also saw a man with extensive burns on his upper body and wounds in his thighs that might have been from a cluster bomb.
    • Depending on the type of cluster bomb used, up to 650 bomblets can be released from each cluster bomb.
    • As a result, every cluster bomb leaves some unexploded ordnance.
    • Cluster bomb footprints can be identified and mapped by the detection of bomblets, side panels and spiders from cluster bomb strikes.
    • The young man lost his life to an unexploded cluster bomb.
    • And there are two hundred individual little bomblets for every cluster bomb.
    • The massive spending by all nations on armaments and hideous weapons like cluster bombs, land mines, etc, must be questioned.