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clutch bag

sobre, n.

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    bolso sin asas
    sobre masculino América Latina
    • If you decide not to wear it, you can always slip the strap into the clutch bag itself.
    • It doesn't have a camera and the features won't set the world on fire, but it is easy enough for your granny to use and small enough to slip into a clutch bag.
    • Her blonde friend was clad in a midnight blue velvet halter dress of a similar length to Silence's and she had a matching clutch bag.
    • Camilla could be seen somewhat nervously holding her clutch bag as she prepared to step from the car and make her grand entrance.
    • ‘I'm on the elevator… I'll see ya when I get down there’ I said as I hung up the phone and shoved it in the clutch bag.
    • It is believed that he was sitting with family members in a special enclosure at the funeral when he is alleged to have stolen the items which were in a clutch bag that had been placed on a chair.
    • After rifling through her clutch bag, she produced a crumpled letter written in an extremely neat hand.
    • She said that the clutch bag contained her mobile phone and her ID, but fortunately she had her money and her keys in her pocket.
    • She spotted Callum and waved her clutch bag at him before approaching him.
    • Just think of the everyday bag, the beach bag, the totally impractical evening clutch bag and the bag that can carry spare nappies and wipes.
    • Firstly, the evening bag or clutch bag must be small enough not to hinder dancing/mingling but big enough to hold the essentials for a night out.
    • I have a small navy clutch bag that I use for church and other occasions when all the daily things such as credit card, shopping list and so on are not needed.
    • And what better then this timeless black bag that can be worn as a clutch or a shoulder bag.
    • A few minutes before our meals were served, I reached for my clutch to re-apply my lip gloss.
    • Their product line, officially launched last year, ranges from cute little beaded evening clutches to sturdy messenger bags.
    • Tucking her room key into her clutch purse, she started downstairs, but stopped abruptly at the bottom.
    • On her feet she wore a pair of silver stilettos to match the beading on the dress' bodice and her clutch purse.
    • There are also sparkling clutches and colorful purses featured in the collection.
    • She held her red clutch purse in her hands and after dropping her lipstick inside, she closed the latch.
    • Instead of using a clutch purse, for example, select one with a shoulder strap.